Women-Only Fortnite Series The Milk Cup Launching


A new Fortnite tournament is about to launch, with a bit of a twist from our standard epic format. The Fortnite Milk Cup will be a brand-new event taking place over the next few months, a huge Fortnite series for women-only teams! This tournament series has a prize pool that’s record level for a women-only event. How will this latest addition to competitive Fortnite work?

The FNCS is the primary tournament series for the game. However, across this and the smaller in-game events like Mix Up Mondays, the events are for anyone who wants to enter. There hasn’t been much in the way of women-only tournaments so far though. That’s why the Milk Cup is generating so much buzz. Not only is it the largest women-only Fortnite tournament, it’s got the largest prize pool we’ve ever seen for a women’s esports tournament in North America. This is how the new event will work.

Fortnite Milk Cup

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Fortnite Milk Cup Starts in May

The Milk Cup is going to be a new all-women’s Fortnite competitive series. It’s open to all US players above 13, with registration opening up now. The tournament will feature regular sessions where players compete in Trios games. Each session features six different games in Battle Royale. Placement and kills contribute to an ongoing leaderboard. At the end of the season, this leaderboard will decide the placement for that round.

These sessions will open the tournament, but it’ll feature four major events. There are three separate Majors taking place between May and July. They’ll conclude with an in-person LAN event. That’s taking place in the autumn. This mirrors the format of the mainline FNCS events and should ensure we have twice as much competitive Fortnite to follow over the coming months.

His tournament series is quite lengthy with all those events, so what’s at stake? A huge prize pool of $250,000 is being offered. This has been bolstered by affiliation from other women-only tournaments like Women of the eRena. The tournament series series will ensure women’s only Fortnite esports are just as important as the Epic ran events.

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