Golf Business News – Zen’s adaptive floors move into South Korea with Paron

Golf Business News – Zen’s adaptive floors move into South Korea with Paron


Zen has added Paron in South Korea to its list of international distributors for the industry-leading Green Stage and Swing Stage moving floors. Both products will be demonstrated at the Maekyung SBS Golf Expo in Seoul’s COEX Exhibition Center from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st April 2024.

Paron founders Jeongho Cho, Changgi Kim and their team will be joined by a delegation from Zen’s UK headquarters including Managing Director Andy Hiseman and Product Manager George Stubbs. Eric Lynge from Sporting Insights Asia, Zen’s advisors in the Asia Pacific region, will also join the Expo team.

Jeongho Cho said: “Paron is proud to introduce Zen technology to the Korean market. Zen technology is the clear leader as regards independent moving playing surfaces in today’s golf market, and we know that there are further developments coming from Zen which will change the sport forever.

“We expect our booth at the Maekyung SBS Golf Expo to be the busiest in the Show, because Korea has never seen anything like Green Stage or Swing Stage before. They are truly next-level tools both for coaching and golf entertainment. We have already had a great deal of interest, and we expect to take many orders next week.”

Andy Hiseman said: “This is ideal timing for Green Stage and Swing Stage to make their debuts in the South Korean market. Paron has developed a compelling business model including a clever mobile app which will introduce bookable Zen Green Stage putting sessions to the South Korean driving range industry in a powerful way. 

“Zen Swing Stage is also set to revolutionize driving range golf by making ‘moving bays’ available for range operators to monetize at a premium price, and Paron will also be spearheading this initiative in South Korea for Zen.”

Zen pioneered the Adaptive Terrain Technology (ATT) category in golf 12 years ago with the creation of the Green Stage, bringing indoor putting on subtle, realistic gradients to the sport for the first time. In 2017 Zen teamed with Sky TV to create a new BAFTA award-winning outside broadcast at the Open Championship, adding full-swing hitting off slopes to the Sky Sports Open Zone. With the release of the Swing Stage in 2022, Zen became golf’s only supplier of Tour-quality variable playing surfaces for both putting and hitting, enhancing most existing indoor and range golf technologies by adding movement, powered by proprietary technology developed under guidance from the UK’s leading sports science, engineering, advanced manufacturing and wellness institutions. All Zen products carry the UKCA product certification mark, which confirms compliance to UK legislation including safety, environmental and manufacturing regulations.

Eric Lynge said: “South Korea has become a global golf powerhouse over the last two decades. The introduction of Zen technology to this market is set to give millions of Korean golfers safe, stable and fully-adjustable gradients when playing range golf, screen golf or putting indoors. We will be excited to witness this in person at the Golf Expo!”

Excluding delivery and installation, the Zen Swing Stage for hitting shots from sloping lies starts at £14,950 + VAT. The adjustable Zen Green Stage, which adds Tour-quality putting, starts at £23,795 + VAT.

Zen is a PGA Partner in Great Britain & Ireland, with two Zens at The PGA’s Belfry HQ, and its moving floors are used by multiple PGAs around the world including USA, Australia and Germany. For further product details please enquire at


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