CoD MW3 – Best Weapons for Season 3

CoD MW3 – Best Weapons for Season 3


Here is a list of the Best Weapons for Season 3 of CoD MW3

The latest game in the CoD franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, has just started its third season. The season came bearing tons of new content. The developers at Activision added new weapons, cosmetics and events for the start of Season 3. There were also significant changes to the current weapons after balancing which have affected the meta, resulting in a change of the best weapons to use for the upcoming season. 

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

So let’s take a look at a list that we have compiled highlighting the best weapons to use for Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Best Weapons for CoD MW3 Season 3

Season 3 brings tons of changes to the current arsenal of the game. Several balancing changes have been applied to the guns along with new weapons. The game has two new guns for players to try out. These are the FJX Horus SMG and MORS Sniper Rifle. We know that CoD is a game defined by the current meta, so it is wise to know which guns are statistically better than others. Picking those weapons will give you a better chance to perform during your matches.

Here is a list of the 8 best weapons ranked for Season 3 with some additional details:

8. SVA 545 Assault Rifle

Even though the SVA 545 is one of the first rifles you get in the game, it is quite effective in multiplayer. The gun’s unique ability to have its first two bullets fire almost at the same time can be quite useful in multiplayer. However, the recoil pattern for the SVA 545 is quite difficult. So we focused the attachments on ensuring stability and making the gun more controllable.

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

Since the recoil can be quite difficult to manage at longer ranges, we added the VX Pineapple Underbarrel alongside the FTAC Castle muzzle and V6 Stock. These help make the gun more manageable at longer ranges and affect the damage too much. It is important to note that the mobility of the weapon will be lowered too, however, the best way to shine with the SVA 545 is with a slower approach.

7. RAM-9 SMG

The RAM-9 is the newest weapon in the game. After its addition in Season 2, this gun rose in popularity among players because of its high fire rate. It even has slightly better recoil compared to SMGs like the Rival-9, making it effective at long-range fights as well. The recoil can be improved even more by using the loadout we mentioned below:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider

SL Skeletal Vertical Grip

The recoil is one of the major factors of the RAM-9, for which we added the ZEHMN35 muzzle, which also reduces the chances of you getting spotted on your enemy radar. The Speedway Short Barrel has similar effects and the SL Skeletal Grip decreases the sprint-to-fire speed. Overall with the attachments we mentioned, the RAM-9 becomes a dangerous weapon in terms of accuracy and control.

6. BAS-B Battle Rifle

The BAS-B is the only battle rifle on our list, mainly because of its range and damage. Top-ranked players suggest this weapon after the MCW because of its high damage across all ranges. Because of such extreme levels of damage, players have a hard time managing their recoil. So you can try out the loadout below to help make your job easier:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor L

The VT-7 Suppressor helps maintain the BAS-B’s recoil while also keeping you hidden on the radar. It also improves bullet velocity and damage range. Other attachments like the Bruen Long Barrel and the VX Pineapple Underbarrel have similar effects. Everything combined makes the BAS-B easier to use and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

5. RAM-7 Assualt Rifle

The RAM-7 has been a part of the meta since its introduction back in Season 1. It has high damage at short to mid-range fights and a decent fire rate for an AR. With some changes to its attachments, it is possible to create a weapon with the perfect blend of movement, control and damage:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

Boreal-6C Suppressed Barrel

XTEN Phantom-5 Handstop Underbarrel

Retort 90 Grip Tape Rear Grip

The Boreal Barrel is critical for this loadout as it improves bullet velocity and effective range while reducing ADS speed. The Retort 90 Rear Grip and the FT Polcomb help make the RAM-7 more steady and controllable. Together these attachments create a fine balance of mobility, damage and recoil.

4. BP50 Assault Rifle

Considered to be one of the best guns in the game ever since its buff during Season 2, the BP50 has an incredibly high fire rate and damage. This allows the weapon to be stronger in close to medium ranges. It does a difficult recoil pattern to master but it can be somewhat mitigated by the loadout we listed below:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

STER45 Skyfury Compensator

TRST-IV Grip Tape Rear Grip

The STER45 is vital to make the recoil of the BP50 more manageable while the Lore-9 Heavy Barrel helps maintain the bullet speed and effective range. The MOAT-40 Stock makes the AR have lower ADS Speend and improve recoil making the weapon a beast in close to medium ranges.

3. FJX Horus SMG

The FJX Horus is here to replace the WSP Swarm after its recent nerf and it is the perfect replacement. It has similar stats as the WSP Swarm during its prime and high fire rate. It is also quite effective while using tactical stance. The attachments mentioned below can significantly improve the weapon’s movement speeds allowing you to be a literal speed demon:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

Lockgrip Precision-40 Underbarrel

The Ruse-90 Barrel is vital as it increases your movement and ADS speeds. The Point-G3P laser plays along well with a focus on high fire rates and fast movement with a buff to your hipfire. The Lockgrip Underbarrel helps maintain the weapon’s bullet spread and recoil, making the FJK Horus a nightmare to deal with.

2. Rival-9 SMG

The Rival-9 SMG has been considered to be one of the best weapons in the game because of its high fire rates. This has allowed the weapon to be quite effective in short-ranged fights, especially inside closed spaces. These factors can be further upgraded with the loadout below:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

Rival-38E Fire Starter Barrel

EXF Close Quarters Assualt Shock

.50 Cal High Grain Rounds

These attachments significantly improve the stats movement-wise. We also see a better ADS time for quicker movement and fast-paced engagements. The High Grain Ammo increases damage while EXF Stock mitigates recoil.

1. MCW Assault Rifle

The MCW is the best and most reliable weapon in the game currently. It has great range, easy recoil and consistent damage. It has been on the top for quite some time and is considered the strongest weapon in the game. With the attachments mentioned below, the MCW reaches even newer heights:

CoD MW3 - Best Weapons for Season 3
Credit: Activision

Ammunition: 5.56 Nato High Grain

16.5″ MCW Cyclone Long Barrel

The Cyclone Long barrel improves range and adds weapon stability while the L4R Muzzle reduces the weapons recoil and keeps you off the enemy radar. The Rear Grip and High Grain ammo also reduces recoil while maintaining its reliable damage.

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