Will the Nets keep veteran PG Dennis Schroder this offseason?

Will the Nets keep veteran PG Dennis Schroder this offseason?


It’s been a rebuilding season for the Brooklyn Nets in 2023-24. At 32-48, the team will not make the postseason in 2024, and a lot needs to be addressed this offseason. Besides Cam Thomas, the Nets do not have much offense to rely on. Additionally, the team is lacking the star talent needed to compete with contenders in the East. 

Before the trade deadline, Brooklyn made a deal with the Raptors and sent Spencer Dinwiddie to Toronto. In return, the Nets got back PG Dennis Schroder. The 30-year-old has bounced around over the last few seasons but has been an effective player for the Nets. Talking to reporters, Schroder said he wants to “stay” with Brooklyn in 2024-25.

Will the Nets keep PG Dennis Schroder this offseason?

In 2022-23, Dennis Schroder was with the Los Angeles Lakers. He played in 66 games for the team and made 50 starts. After that season, he signed a two-year, $25.4 million deal with the Toronto Raptors. The veteran PG played in 51 games for Toronto this season and made 33 starts before being traded to the Brooklyn Nets. It’s been a smooth transition for Schroder as the team legitimately needed a starting PG once they traded Dinwiddie.

Schroder has filled that role nicely with the Nets and he’s been an effective player. Since the trade, the 30-year-old has played in 29 games for the Nets and had 25 starts. Last night, Brooklyn was in a close game with the Raptors. The team that traded Schroder to Brooklyn. Late in the game, Schroder took over and sealed a win for the Nets at the free-throw line. A bit of revenge against his former team that moved on. In 29 games, Schroder is averaging (14.6) points, (3.5) rebounds, and (6.0) assists.

Brain Lewis of The New York Post reported that Schroder would like to “stay” with Brooklyn for next season. Schroder is under contract for a $13 million cap hit in 2024-25. That’s a team-friendly deal if Brooklyn chooses to keep the veteran PG. However, there have been reports that the Nets are not ready to give up on Ben Simmons. Schroder has played 81 games this season, and Simmons has played in 57 games over two seasons for the Nets and has missed 107. If the Nets want a reliable PG, they’d keep Schroder and look to buy out Simmons’s contract. The former #1 overall pick is just not worth the hype anymore.


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