ESL One Birmingham 2024 Overview

ESL One Birmingham 2024 Overview


We are a few days away from the beginning of ESL One Birmingham 2024, so here is what you must know about the event. It is definitely going to be worth watching.

It seems like 2024 arrived yesterday, but is already in April, which means one thing – ESL One Birmingham 2024 is here. This will be one of the big Dota 2 tournaments this year because it will include a lot of teams.

The event will begin on April 22 and last until April 28. During that time, we will see twelve teams competing for a big reward. People who have secured their ESL One Birmingham 2024 tickets will have a load of fun watching the tournament in the UK. Before that, however, let’s learn everything we need to know.

Overview and Format

As mentioned, ESL One Birmingham 2024 starts on April 22, and it will take place in the UK. It is organized by ESL Gaming and sponsored by the likes of Intel, DHL, Predator, 1xBet, and more.

Following the end of the ESL One Birmingham 2024 qualifier, we’ve learned that the tournament will have a total of 12 teams. Four of them were invited via the EPT Leaderboard, whereas the rest secured a slot from the qualifiers.

The twelve squads will be in two single-robin groups (6 teams each), and all series are in Bo2. The best two teams from each group will advance to the Upper Bracket playoffs, whereas the 3rd and 4th-placed squads will go to the Lower Bracket playoffs. The last two teams from each group will be eliminated. 

ESL One Birmingham 2024 – Prize Pool and Distribution

Now that you know more about the ESL One Birmingham 2024 schedule, it is time to learn more about the prize pool. Considering the importance of this tournament, it’s probably not surprising there is a $1,000,000 USD reward. 

In addition to the cash prize, the tournament will also provide EPT points, which teams need in order to receive direct invitations. Here is the total prize pool and points distribution:

1st Place – $300,000 +  6400 EPT Points
2nd Place – $175,000 +  4800 EPT Points
3d Place – $120,000 +  4000 EPT Points
4th Place – $85,000 +  3200 EPT Points
5th-6th Place – $57,500 + 2240 EPT Points
7th-8th Place – $47,500 + 1040 EPT Points
9th-10th Place – $30,000 + 560 EPT Points
11th-12th Place – $25,000 + 280 EPT Points

The Teams

After the end of the ESL One Birmingham 2024 qualifiers in EU, SEA, Mena, and all of the other regions, we finally know the names of the teams that will take part in this event. Although their place in the Groups hasn’t been determined yet, here is a list of names we will in just a few days from now:

Gaimin Gladiators
BetBoom Team
Xtreme Gaming
Team Liquid
Tundra Esports
Team Spirit
Team Flacons
Shopify Rebellion
Talon Esports

Even though all of the teams here are pretty impressive, no one can deny that some of them look a lot scarier than others. Considering the most recent results from the Elite League Dota 2, let’s take a look at some of the favorites. 

Team Falcons

If you remember, 2023 was the year when Gaimin Gladiator dominated the professional Dota 2 scene. The team was above the rest in almost every tournament it was a part of. Well, this is no longer the case, but it seems like their slot belongs to Team Falcons.

Prior to the Dota 2 Elite League, Team Falcons won all of the big tournaments in 2024. This includes Betboom Dacha Dubai 2024 and DreamLeague Season 22. Both were incredibly interesting and proved that the squad from MENA knows what it is doing.

Considering the teams’ stats so far, the meta, and its performance in the last Dota 2 event, no one can deny that Team Falcons is the big favorite to win this event. It will be really hard for the other top squads to bring down the best team from MENA.

BetBoom Team


A lot of people might not like BetBoom Team because of their play style. However, no one can deny this is one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world. It has been proven several times, including earlier this year when it reached the final of DreamLeague Season 22.

With that said, BetBoom’s performance at the Elite League was not that good. Despite being one of the big favorites, the squad was unable to survive Group B and finished with just 2 victories. It will be interesting to see if it will be able to bounce back and perform better this time.

Team Liquid

There are not that many Dota 2 teams that have been on a world-class level for several years in a row. With that said, Team Liquid is among them.

No one can deny this squad’s dominance lately, especially in 2023. It failed to defeat Gaimin Gladiators most of the time, but there were also many instances where it did much better than expected. 

2024 also started well for TL. Prior to the ESL One Birmingham 2024, Liquid reached the final of BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024. It also achieved good results in the other tournaments, so most people agree the team will be among the big favorites to secure a victory. 

Final thoughts

We can’t wait to see ESL One Birmingham 2024 because it will definitely be one of the big events that deserves attention from all fans. If you couldn’t get your hands on any tickets, you can actually watch the events live on the official streaming channels. This includes Twitch and YouTube.


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