Premier League title race: Liverpool, Arsenal & Man City run-in – game by game – Liverpool FC

Premier League title race: Liverpool, Arsenal & Man City run-in – game by game – Liverpool FC


With seven games remaining we’re all scrutinising the fixture list and what could happen for each of Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City – but how does the timing of the run-in look exactly?

The finest of margins at the top of the Premier League table? We’re used to this!

Currently, Arsenal and Liverpool are joint top on points but separated only by goal difference (+nine), with Man City breathing down their necks with just one point less.

There’s no getting away from constantly checking the fixture list and seeing which matches could see one team stumble, though Liverpool were the first to blink.

But while we typically assess the title race according to the opponents remaining for each club, it is interesting to note the chronological order of proceedings – including European commitments:

This way we can see how Liverpool play three league games in the time it takes City to play once, starting from this weekend’s round of fixtures.

The Reds will face Crystal Palace (H), Fulham (A) and Everton (A) over a 20-day period in the top-flight, while Pep Guardiola’s side only host Luton in the same period due to the FA Cup semi-final.

Moreover, Jurgen Klopp‘s men currently only play before both Arsenal and Man City once in the run-in, when they travel to West Ham on April 27 for an early 12.30pm kickoff.

But even that could change should Arsenal be scheduled to play in the Champions League semi-final on April 30, moving the Reds’ trip to London to the same day their title rivals both play.

A lot can be said of getting a result on the board before your rivals play, leaving no doubt as to what they need to do in response, but Liverpool won’t have that luxury this season.

Statistically, as per SoccerSTATS‘ analysis, the Reds still have the easiest run-in (just!), with their remaining seven opponents amassing an average 1.45 points per game (PPG).

Conversely, it is 1.54 PPG for Arsenal and 1.46 PPG for City – there really is little margin in this title race!


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