How to unlock and equip EVE’s Skin Suit in Stellar Blade demo

How to unlock and equip EVE’s Skin Suit in Stellar Blade demo


If you want to unlock and equip the Stellar Blade Skin Suit, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry it won’t involve completing a series of obscure quests or sinking in hours into the game. In fact, you can equip it after the first cut-scene of the Stellar Blade demo.

The Stellar Blade Skin Suit in combat during the demo (Screenshot by

How to equip and unlock Stellar Blade Skin Suit?

The Stellar Blade Skin Suit is actually immediately available when you start the game, you do not need to unlock it. To equip it simply remove the Nano Suit EVE Is currently wearing.

Press the Hamburger icon on your controller to open in-game menu

Scroll down Equipment section and select the Nano Suit (under “Exterior”)

Press X on your current Nano Suit to unequip/remove it

The Stellar Blade Skin Suit is now “equipped”

The Stellar Blade Skin Suit is essentially the base model of the female protagonist EVE when she has no Nano Suit (armor) equipped.

EVE in her Stellar Blade Skin Suit
Once you unequip your default or current Nano Suit, the Skin Suit will appear (Screenshot by

Similar to other Outfits in Stellar Blade, you will still be able to equip Gear, essentially enhancements. Based on the Stellar Blade Demo, each outfit can equip up to four Gear enhancements. The Skin Suit is no different.

Gear enhancements for Stellar Blade Skin Suit
The Stellar Blade Skin Suit can take Gear Enhancements just like any other Outfit (Screenshot by

Interestingly, whatever Nano Suit you have equipped will be the outfit for all the cut-scenes. We realised this accidentally, making what should be a rather sombre scene surprisingly engaging.

If you have the Skin Suit equipped it will also display in all the cut-scenes (Screenshot by

Be aware as we reported on, the Stellar Blade Skin Suit will disable EVE’s shield. Yes it will in fact enable a Stellar Blade Hard Mode of sorts. However, given you don’t even need to unlock it, it’s worth giving it a whirl.

The Skin Suit is one of 30 Stellar Blade outfits that can be unlocked, with the developers confirming in an interview with Ruliweb, they will be adding more free outfits following the full launch of the game.

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