NOVO names content creator Pow3r as President & Co-owner


After being part of Fnatic for five years, ex-pro player Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli has joined Italian esports organization NOVO.

Pow3r joins NOVO as President and co-owner

Image Credit: NOVO Esports/Pow3r

NOVO x Pow3r – a new collaboration on the rise

The content creator’s return as a co-owner came to many people’s surprise, after what was initially considered an April Fools’ joke. Pow3r posted the announcement video on April 1st, leaving many questioning the truth of the collaboration. The following day, however, the move was confirmed, as the now-streamer is the newest member of the organization as he’s looking to turn NOVO into a relevant player in the European competitive landscape.

Considered by many the face of Italian esports, this move marks a return to his origins, which proved Pow3r’s intention to re-ignite esports in Italy. He previously had plans to start his own esports team alongside streamer Luca “Brizz” Brizzante but the former ended up being permanently banned by Riot Games last year, leading to the end of that collaboration.

The common vision of becoming the leader in Italy

Now that he found a shared vision with NOVO, Pow3r wants to show fans and newcomers the adrenaline and excitement of competitive gaming while also collaborating on new initiatives such as esports schools, with the clear goal of developing and raise new domestic talents and giving the young generations the right environment to embrace the gaming experience to its fullest.

“I already had plans to start my own esports team, but I quickly realized the potential issues that can arise when starting from scratch,” said Giorgio “Pow3r” Calandrelli. “Italy is a complex country, even more so for a rising industry like esports. NOVO has already built a solid foundation in the past year and I’m excited to see how their projects will unfold. NOVO is a young team but it has a long-term vision as they aim to beat the sustainability problem within the industry, and I want to help them move gears and make the right moves.

Founded in 2023 and located in Milan, NOVO Esports is a gaming and media company that focuses on esports, entertainment, and projects. The company currently competes across VALORANT, Rocket League, EA FC, Teamfight Tactics and Street Fighter 6, and aims to become a leader in the Italian esports space that can best represent the country on the international stages.

“Giorgio is the reference point of Italian esports and I’m delighted to have him on board with us,” said Emanuele Acerbis, CEO of NOVO Esports. “I was captivated by his passion for the esports industry and his vision of shaking things up in the Italian scene. NOVO was born with the aspiration of becoming a leader in space, and having someone like him on our side will be game-changing. I’m sure his experience will allow us to reach new heights”.

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