Cole Palmer elevating Chelsea, without him would be scary – Talk Chelsea

Cole Palmer elevating Chelsea, without him would be scary – Talk Chelsea


Cole Palmer once again stood up tall for Chelsea on Saturday afternoon and once again, without him on the pitch, things have been a lot worse for Chelsea.

I truly believe that if we didn’t have Palmer in this team this season then we would be in a worse league position. Imagine taking his goals and assists out of this team? Granted, he has scored a lot of penalties, and granted, someone in his place would also likely be getting some goals and assists, but never as many as Palmer has got this season.

Palmer has a massive 30 goal contributions already this season, that is simply incredible. Without that, we’d be in a much worse place.

He’s certainly become the Chelsea talisman this season, and we lack them. We need more of them. Because right now, Palmer is carrying the weight of Chelsea and is at times, singlehandedly doing it all, a lot like Eden Hazard used to in his prime.

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But is the fact that Palmer is doing it all by himself, also a problem? It’s something that has been highlighted by some fans online this week after the Burnley game, speaking about how Palmer often opts to shoot or take the ball on rather than make a pass for a player in a better position.

I’ll be honest, when I see an attacker having just one thing in his mind whenever he gets the ball, to score goals, then I am more than happy to see it. Palmer believes in his own ability and believes he will score more often than not when he gets the ball, so when he backs himself and takes the shot on, I’m never going to be upset with that. I like that mentality.

But we also have to remember that Palmer is only 21-years-old, and he is going to sometimes make the wrong decisions. Does he need to be more of a team player? Would anyone have told Hazard to be more of a team player? Or Messi? I don’t think Palmer needs to be more of a team player, but I do think he can make better decisions sometimes, and that will only come with time, further development, and good coaching.

I have no problem at all with how Palmer plays, he’s been superb for us and we would be lost without him.

Mauricio Pochettino has said that Palmer is the best player Chelsea have.

“He is a good example for the rest,” he said.

“You can see that when the team is struggling, they give the ball to him. It’s very positive for the team and him to play games that he didn’t play at Manchester City.

“It’s obvious that we are happy with him.”

He’s right as well, the team do look to Palmer to bail them out a lot, and I would never be wanting to take that out of his game. He’s the main man, the talisman, the guy to make things happen, and the exact kind of player we have lacked and actually need more of.

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