Overtaking boost for 2026 F1 engines

Overtaking boost for 2026 F1 engines

In the round-up: New details of Formula 1’s revised power units for the 2026 season have been revealed including a boost system to aid overtaking.

In brief

New 2026 F1 power unit rules confirmed

F1’s new power units will be allowed to deliver additional boosts of energy on demand under new rules drafted by the FIA. The additional power will be available at speeds of up to 345kph, and a further boost up to 355kph. Drivers can also access an ‘override’ mode giving them an even high level of boost up to 355kph.

The FIA also revealed how it intends to avoid drivers being unable to charge their batteries sufficiently at tracks which lack sufficient opportunities for energy harvesting, a problem highlighted by some teams last year.

The maximum limit of 8.5MJ of energy harvesting per lap “may be reduced to 8MJ at competitions where the FIA determines that the maximum possible energy harvested per lap under braking and in partial load is no more than 8MJ,” states the updates rules.

Red Bull loses chief mechanic

Red Bull chief mechanic Lee Stevenson has left after 18 years with the team. “This is the end of part A, part B of my life starts on Monday,” he announced in a social media post.

Fenestraz ‘injured engineer’ with radio rant

Formula E racer Sacha Fenestraz says he injured his race engineer with his furious radio outburst during the last round in Brazil two weeks ago.

“I don’t even remember why but I just shouted out,” the Nissan driver told the Daily Star. “He had the big headphones on and when I shouted, I actually damaged his eardrums.

“He went to the doctor and had a few issues. I express myself a lot through the radio but perhaps sometimes a little bit too much.

“Once I am on track, I am a whole different person. I have never had before where you can listen to your radio communications for TV and we have seen a few times that I can get angry and upset at situations.”

Founder of former Mercedes sponsor gets 25 years

Mercedes AMG F1 W13 rear wing, Miami International Circuit, 2022
FTX appeared on Mercedes cars during 2022

San Bankman-Fried, founder of former Mercedes sponsor FTX, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for committing one of the largest frauds in history through his bankrupt cryptocurrency business. Mercedes promoted the exchange through much of the 2022 season until the situation at the company came to light ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix that year.

Last year Mercedes was named among the enormous list of FTX’s creditors, which ran to over 100 pages. Bankman-Fried, 32, will also have to forfeit $11 billion (£8.7bn) in assets.

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