WoW SoD Phase 3 Details And More

WoW SoD Phase 3 Details And More


We got a WoW SoD Phase 3 Release Date. We also got a bunch of info on what we can expect for the 3rd Phase of WoW’s Season of Discovery right here.

World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery continues to be one of the coolest projects Blizzard has ever greenlit. Revamping the old World of Warcraft with new quests, abilities, and remade PvP experiences has been a huge success.

And as Phase 2 of Season of Discovery comes to a close, we’ll have Phase 3 to look forward to. Level caps will be raised, new skills will be added and a brand new revamped Raid will open its doors. We have a quick rundown of all of that right here.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Runes

We’ll see a new set of Runes with Phase 3. These will take up the Helm and Bracer slots and will mostly be available throughout the leveling process. Just like the previous ones, these will allow players to further augment their Classes, offering even more options to play your Class like never before.

We’ll have a detailed list of all the new runes as well as how to find them as soon as more information becomes available.

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Image: Blizzard

New Raid – Sunken Temple

The new and first 20-player Raid of Season of Discovery is the Sunken Temple which is also known as The Temple of Atal’Hakkar. Just like the other raids of SoD, this iconic instance has been completely overhauled to feature 8 new bosses, new items, equipment for players to grind out, and new quests for rare loot.

You’ll be able to obtain new Trinkets such as the Atal’ai Blood Ceremony which lets you play a deadly game of Russian roulette or the Unorthodox Hex Stick which lets you transform into a critter. Tokens will also make a return, only that they seem to be split up between Melee and Ranged classes to avoid everyone having to roll for it at once.

The raid will be available as soon as Phase 3 Launches on April 4th, 2024. This time around instead of the 4-day lockout from previous phases, the raid will have a regular 1-week lockout. To compensate, Blizzard promised that loot that they’ll increase loot drops from these instances.

Blood Moon PvP Event

The popular Blood Moon PvP event from Phase 2 will continue into Phase 3. There are plans to add new rewards, including some pieces of Level 50 gear as well as new items and currencies for players to grind out.

There’ll also be new overall PvP rewards, including full sets that will be available at your faction’s respective vendors. These will be available at the 5,6 and 7 PvP ranks. There will also be so-called “starter sets” which PvP orientated stats that’ll be available from the new Emerald Wardens Faction.

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Image: Blizzard

Phase 3 PvE Event – Nightmare Incursions

If you’re familiar with WoW Classic and the Emerald Portals, you’ll rejoice as there’ll be a new PvE World Event exclusively focused on dealing with the corrupted Emerald Dream. You’ll be able to enter these Nightmare Incursions from the Portals in Ashenvale, Duskwood, the Hinterlands, and Feralas.

Here players will take on corrupted entities to gain Rep with the all-new Emerald Wardens faction and XP. Players will be able to enter these new instances from the Level 25 to Level 50 range so you’ll be able to grind these out and catch up leveling at the same time.

From the new Faction, you’ll be able to obtain catchup gear as well as these “starter sets” to be prepped for raid.

Phase 3 Profession Details Emerge

As usual, the new Phase will give you access to new recipes and crafts for your Professions. One of these are the new Nightmare Armaments which seem to be empowered whenever players venture into the Emerald Nightmare or the new Sunken Temple Raid.

Players will also be able to unlock Specializations for their Professions that will give them access to even more recipes. These you can level all the way to 300 and there’ll be new quests tied to them to unlock the endgame crafts.

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Image: Blizzard

Dual Specialization, World Buffs, and Leveling

With the release of Phase 3, players will also be able to unlock Dual Talent Specialization which allows you to have two presets for Talent Point distribution. You’ll only need to seek out Grendag Brightbeard, the Dwarf of Many Talents, be at least level 40, and pay him 50 Gold to unlock these.

A New phase also means a new set of World Buffs. The Gnomeregan and Blackfathom Deeps world buffs will be limited to their respective level ranges and an all-new World Buff and consumables will be available in and around the Sunken Temple.

There are also some changes to leveling. Pre-Leveling and banking quests are highly discouraged in the 40-49 range and there’ll also be some systems in place to discourage players from banking multiple levels ahead of Phase 4.

To remedy that, Blizzard will implement the Discoverer’s Delight Buff which will give players a 50% XP buff between level 40 and 49 and a 100% XP buff for players under level 39. With the new Nightmare Incursions functioning as an easy way to level between level 25 to 50 and the sizeable XP boost to the Gnomeregan Raid, it’ll be extremely easy to catch up for anyone planning to join Season of Discovery or leveling an alt.

And that’s all we got on Phase 3 of World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery. We’ll of course have more information and guides available after the launch on April 4, 2024. For more on WoW be it Classic, SoD or Retail make sure to check out our dedicated page here.


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