Budget good for the disabled community

Budget good for the disabled community


Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Kirk Humphrey has hailed this year’s Budgetas the best one ever for the disabled community in Barbados.Humphrey made that declaration during the Appropriation Bill 2024 in the House of Assemblyyesterday afternoon. He highlighted the fact that his Ministry has never received more moneyfrom a national Budget than the BDS $104,108, 989 it is set to receive from in this financialyear.

“If you look at when the Democratic Labour Party was in power, they never saw that kind ofmoney. This is the most money that was ever offered to the social services sector and that hascome under this Government!” Humphrey exclaimed. “I am also happy to report that before weend this financial year we anticipate even more funds, another six or seven million more to buildout facilities in this country because we recognise that if there is a problem coming that wealways say we have to face it and fix it.”

He continued “I anticipate another two or three million dollars for children to build that facility wedescribed in the Child Protection legislation that is going to be so important as it will allow us towork with children so that we can save some of them.”

Humphrey was responding to claims from Opposition Leader Ralph Thorne that the moneyallotted for the social services Ministry was too little given the high cost of living in Barbados andthe social economical factors associated with that.

He said “I feel very concerned that yesterday everything in the Barbados Labour PartyGovernment was wrong. The Honourable Leader of the Opposition could not find anything thatthe Barbados Labour Party Government did that was good. This Government has done more forpersons with disabilities than any other Government.”

The Minister added “It is clear in all of the legislative work that will be coming here to protectpersons with disabilities. It is clear in the 40 percent increase that we gave to all NonGovernment Organisations (NGOs) that do work for persons with disabilities. It is clear in thevehicles that we bought and the two that we will buy every year for the next three years to make

sure that they can travel safely. This Government without question has done more for personswith disabilities or the elderly than any other Government.”

Humphrey concluded by declaring his pride in public service workers in the Ministry of PeopleEmpowerment and Elder Affairs, insisting that their hard labour is pivotal to transformingBarbados from a place where people are broken and need help.

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