New Brawlhalla Twitch Drops for Trial of Frigg


Brawlhalla is one of the biggest fighters, and it’s about to open up the next stage of its esports. The second part of the Winter Circuit is about to launch. This new tournament, the Trial of Frigg is starting up this weekend. It’ll be a fun tournament to see where pro Brawlhalla is right now and how players are performing in 2024. However, there’ll also be new Brawlhalla Twitch drops to go along with it.

Over the weekend, fans tuning into the official Brawlhalla esports channels can secure themselves some free Brawlhalla cosmetics. By following along with the Trial of Frigg there’s a handful of new items you can unlock entirely for free. How do you link accounts and make sure you’re getting all of the drops though?

Brawlhalla Twitch Drops for Trial of Frigg

Loads of big esports tournaments have multiple broadcasts. Twitch drops are a great way to get viewers incentivized to stay on a particular platform. For the Trial of Frigg, there’s three different channels that are going to have Twitch drops enabled. These drops won’t be available outside of a handful of channels showing the Brawlhalla tournaments. There’s Brawl League, Moose Wars, and Estação Brawlhalla.

This means you’ll have options for picking up the cosmetics in a couple of different languages. To get the Trial of Frigg drops, all you need to watch over the course of the tournament. Drops are random, so if you’ve got them enabled you should be able to pick the items up. You’ll need to connect your account up to Twitch to redeem them, similar to linking Brawlhalla crossplay accounts to share items.

The Trial of Frigg will be an event running from March 16-17. What items are available through? There’s a handful of cosmetics on offer. These are the items in the Trial of Frigg Twitch Drops.

Brawlhalla Twitch Drops

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

You can pick these up by following along with how the Winter Circuit is concluding this weekend.

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