Who Are the Best Among Us Players?


Among Us is one of the most popular mobile games. It took off virally a few years ago, but in the time since it has grown to be a much fuller package. Loads of players load in every day to try and find the imposter. Is there a way to find the best Among Us players though? Players with a higher skill level than others?

The game has a massive amount of randomness. This isn’t like a lot of mobile esports where skill and game knowledge can propel you up a ranking system. Among Us instead is mainly communication-based. Players will do better or worse depending on their ability to deceive and work along with others. It isn’t the type of skill we can normally quantify and use to establish a ranking. However, that hasn’t stopped Among Us events happening to find the best players.

Loads of streamers and players with a high skill level at other games have tried their hands at Among Us. Some of them have shown some interesting strategies that might make them some of the best players.

Looking at some of the higher profile games, we can highlight a few who are some of the best Among Us players. These are our picks in 2024.

Best Among Us Players

5. XQC

"XQC - Best Among Us Players

The controversial streamer was once at the top of a game’s competitive scene competing in the OWL. However, in Among Us, he’s demonstrated different skills.

XQC’s natural tendency to inflame situations and cause problems seems to come in handy in Among Us. He’s just as good at creating diversions while imposter as sussing out the guilty party when playing as a teammate.

4. Pokimane

pokimane - best among us players

Most Among Us tournaments and bigger games tend to happen just been between big streamers. It’s a conversational game so players who can carry attention just talking pop up a lot. That means the biggest Twitch streamers like Pokimane often play games like Among Us.

The streamer has proven to be pretty skilled at Among Us. She’s good at staying under the radar as imposter.

3. Valkyrae

"Valkyae - best Among us players

Source: Game Awards

Another streamer who has found some interesting strategies in playing Among Us is Valkyrae. The streamer has been in a lot of games and found different ways to deflect the suspicions of other players. She’s one of the best Among Us players we’ve seen.

2. Yeti Apocalypse

Yeti Apocalypse Best Among Us Players

Source: @FaZe

One Among Us player who has won actual tournaments in the past is Yeti Apocalypse. The player has taken the win at some esports events for the game, like the FaZe Clan Among Us tournament.
It’s difficult to quantify skill in a conversation game. However, Yeti has proven he’s one of the best Among Us players.

1. Ludwig

Ludwig -

Ludwig is one of the biggest esports streamers. The one-time Smash Bros pro has become a variety streamer who excels in a few games. In Among Us games, Ludwig has proven he’s able to compete with the best of them. He seems to particularly excel at the debate sections at the end of each round. He’s adept at finding out the imposters in the lobby and winning as a crewmate.

How Can You Find the Best Among Us Players?

Those are our picks for the top names, but how can you find the best Among Us players? Unlike looking at tournament wins for the top FPS players, this is pretty much all up to preference.

There isn’t an objective way to rank Among Us players. The game is played almost entirely through conversation. There isn’t even a way to play the same role consistently, like being imposter in every game of Among Us. Outside of interpersonal skills, there isn’t a strategy that will mean that you win every time. There are no skilled players above anyone else.

Even those with good strategies for deceiving or ousting an imposter are essentially at the mercy of how their fellow teammates are playing.
We’ve highlighted a selection of players who have had some interesting results playing Among Us. Compared to your average game, these results definitely mean that they’re capable of performing as some of the best Among Us players. Just like how you can’t pick roles though, you can’t pick your teammates and randomness will always play a factor in games.

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