Olivia Dunne declares war on body-shaming on the Internet silencing a troll with epic response

Olivia Dunne declares war on body-shaming on the Internet silencing a troll with epic response


Olivia Dunne, LSU gymnastics star and social media influencer, isn’t one to let trolls slide by unnoticed. Recently, while enjoying her final spring break in Baton Rouge, Dunne found herself in the crosshairs of an unsolicited critic on Instagram. In a bikini photo she shared, one user felt compelled to comment, “You do realize you can wear clothes and still be beautiful.”

Dunne wasted no time in shutting down the negativity, firing back with a simple yet effective retort: “You do realize it’s spring break and I’m in college?” The exchange highlighted Dunne’s unapologetic approach to living her life on her terms, especially during a time traditionally associated with relaxation and fun.

The incident underscored the pervasive issue of body-shaming on social media, where individuals feel entitled to pass judgment on others’ appearances. However, Dunne’s swift response served as a reminder that she won’t be deterred by such negativity.

Livvy’s response won applause from her followers

Her straightforward clapback garnered support from fans who appreciated her confidence and refusal to be shamed for enjoying herself during a well-deserved break.

Despite the occasional detractor, Dunne continues to captivate audiences with her athletic prowess and engaging social media presence. Known for her impressive gymnastics routines and candid glimpses into her life, Livvy has amassed a significant following across multiple platforms.

Her recent TikTok video offering a unique perspective on one of her floor routines further solidified her status as a rising star in the digital realm.

Her career is about to reach a crossroads

As Dunne approaches graduation and considers her future beyond LSU, she does so with a robust NIL portfolio, collaborations with major brands like Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and a supportive relationship with No. 1 MLB Draft pick Paul Skenes.

With her resilience and determination, Dunne is poised to continue making waves both on and off the mat, inspiring others to embrace self-confidence and authenticity in the face of adversity.


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