FURIA Is Returning To Rainbow Six After Signing w7m Roster


More than a year ago, FURIA withdrew from the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene, citing a lack of a productive connection between Ubisoft and the organisations in the space. It was a dramatic and sudden exit that took place when Rainbow Six was struggling to retain teams. FURIA pulled out while claiming it was ‘difficult to generate revenue’ in the space, leaving a gaping hole in the ecosystem.

Earlier today, it was revealed that FURIA is making a grand re-entry to the Rainbow Six Siege esports landscape. The organisation has just signed the w7m roster that won the Six Invitational in Brazil just weeks ago. That means that FURIA is going to hit the ground running, bursting back onto the field with one of the winningest teams on the table right now. Reportedly, the negotiations around this deal took place before w7m Esports marched to victory at the Six Invitational.

Part of a Family

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Brazil’s Rainbow Six Siege community erupted during the Six Invitational in Sao Paulo. As the biggest tournament in the R6 space, the Six Invitational always carries weight, but the events that unfolded in Brazil were mind-blowing. Records were broken, we saw an all-Brazilian grand final stage, and brother was pitted against brother as w7m and FaZe went head-to-head. More people than ever before tuned in to see the action unfold, marking a memorable moment in the history books for Rainbow Six Siege.

In a statement, Gustavo ‘Herdsz’ Herdina, who has just signed with FURIA, said:

‘From the beginning, the way FURIA treated us made us feel like part of a family, with a lot of respect and helpfulness. So it was a mutual interest, as it is a gigantic organization that it is a dream to represent.’

FURIA’s co-CEO, Jaime Pádua, spoke about the desire to re-enter the Rainbow Six Siege ecosystem. He talk about how the community was ‘affectionate and asking for our return’ ever since the organisation departed the scene in 2023. He made a note that Ubisoft is ‘making the game more attractive to esports teams’, which is the reason why FURIA pulled out in the first place. Despite Rainbow Six Siege being almost a decade old, it’s still fully supported by Ubisoft and being evolved by the company all the time.

FURIA’s first match will take place this Saturday in the Brazil League.

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