OpTic Texas in Top Form Ahead of Major II in Miami


Another weekend of intense Call of Duty League action has wrapped up, and OpTic Texas is sitting pretty with a perfect 6 – 0 record thus far. In the last few weeks, Texas has tightened up the teamwork to become one of the most dominating teams on the table, effortlessly dashing down the likes of Toronto Ultra, Major I’s championship-winning team. As Major II approaches in Miami, OpTic Texas is looking like the favourite to lift the trophy – but the New York Subliners aren’t far behind.

At the moment, it’s neck-and-neck between NYSL and Texas, with both teams boasting a perfect record throughout this qualifying stage. Next weekend, these two titans will clash in the very final qualifying fixture before Major II, and it’s expected to be the most popular fixture of the stage so far. It was a stellar weekend for Call of Duty League gameplay – let’s get into it.

From The Top to the Bottom

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The New York Subliners and OpTic Texas occupy the first and second-place slots in the standings for this stage, but it’s a dire situation for some elsewhere. At the opposite end of the spectrum sits the Los Angeles Guerrillas, a team that has failed to secure a single win since the end of January. This weekend, LAG was completely washed over by the Subliners and the Carolina Royal Ravens. As the team’s social pages remain relatively stagnant, fans are starting to give up on the organisation entirely.

There was a little positivity from the bottom of the standings this weekend, though. The Miami Heretics – the host org for Major II – managed to secure a win over the Carolina Royal Ravens. It was the squad’s first win since the Major I qualifying stage in the middle of January.

It could be argued that this week’s shining fixture was the clash between OpTic Texas and Toronto Ultra, which saw Shotzzy – ‘TikTokzzy’ – secure a new CDL record for KD in Control at a whopping 3.25 – as well as a new kill streak record (13). Last week, he snatched the record for the highest number of kills in a round of Hardpoint at 43.

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To The Major

There is just one final week remaining in the Major II qualifying stage, and there are some exciting matches lined up. It’s the last opportunity for teams to scrape together those much-needed COD Points that’ll determine where they’re placed in the opening round of the Major. There are plenty of fixtures that we can easily predict for the upcoming weekend, but nobody can foresee what’s going to happen in the New York Subliners vs. OpTic Texas face-off.

These two teams haven’t met since the Major I qualifiers in December – and it’ll be only the second time they’ve clashed since June 2023. There’s a buzz in the air about this fixture, as it’ll decide who the best team of the stage is and determine which squad gets the top seed for Major II. I’ll say that my money is on OpTic Texas – but I’m more than open to being proved wrong by the ever-powerful Subliners squad.

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