Mookie Betts Called Gavin Lux After Dodgers Moved Him Off Shortstop, Gave Him Strong Message of Support

Mookie Betts Called Gavin Lux After Dodgers Moved Him Off Shortstop, Gave Him Strong Message of Support


The Dodgers may have a new shortstop, but their up-the-middle infield tandem isn’t changing.

That’s the message that Mookie Betts gave to Gavin Lux after receiving the news that they’d be swapping positions to start the season.

Betts told reporters that he called Lux after the decision was made, and gave him this simple message of support:

“Nothing’s changed, other than your view to home plate. We’re still up the middle together. We still are doing this thing together. So it doesn’t really matter. We’re going to the same place. We have the same goal in mind. I don’t think anybody cares how we get there.”

This is a great message from Betts, as it couldn’t have been easy for Lux to hear the news that he was being moved off the shortstop position.

Last year, Lux entered spring training finally getting the reins as the team’s shortstop after waiting behind Corey Seager and then Trea Turner for the first four years of his career.

Then, one wrong step ended his 2023 season before it started, and he was forced to wait a whole year to become L.A.’s shortstop as he rehabbed a torn ACL.

This year, the job was Lux’s to lose again, but unfortunately, defensive issues got the best of him.

He was unable to make the throw from the left side of the infield to first base, and that arm strength wasn’t exactly a new concern. In 2022, Lux graded out in the eighth percentile in arm strength, per Baseball Savant.

So, the Dodgers felt it was time to make the change, and tagged their $365 million superstar Betts to take the reins at shortstop.

He knows there’s a lot of pressure to fill that role, but made it clear he’s up for the challenge.

“It’s always a lot of pressure, especially going and being a Dodger, it’s a lot of pressure. So being a Dodger, being the shortstop for the Dodgers, is a lot of pressure. But I like it.”

Betts was asked if he was surprised about the switch, and had this to say:

“Sure. I don’t know. I was just, like, alright. Whatever. I do not care. I just want to win. So the rest does not matter.”

Betts has 12 days to master the shortstop position before the Dodgers open their season in Korea on March 20.

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