“No evidence” Hamilton’s seat broke

"No evidence" Hamilton's seat broke


In the round-up: Mercedes are satisfied that Lewis Hamilton’s seat was not broken in Bahrain following his radio messages during the race.

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“No evidence” Hamilton’s seat was broken in Bahrain

Hamilton was heard complaining his seat was “broken” during the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend but Mercedes’ trackside engineering director, Andrew Shovlin, says there was “no evidence” of anything wrong with his seat after inspection.

“We obviously got the car back, checked the seat straight away, and the seat was fine,” Shovlin said in a video published by the team.

“The seats are obviously designed to be able to be lifted out because in the event of an accident, the driver comes out in his seat. And ultimately, the thing that holds the seat in the car is the driver who’s strapped into his seat belts.

“The only thing we can think is that if Lewis was ever so slightly loose, he moved a bit and maybe the seat came up, had a little bit of motion and dropped down again, because looking at it afterwards, there’s no evidence that anything’s broken, that it was in the wrong position.”

Tsunoda must “improve” on radio anger

After his fourth Formula 1 season began with another angry outburst at the end of last week’s Bahrain Grand Prix, RB driver Yuki Tsunoda admits that he needs to control his emotions better if he is to have a chance of moving to Red Bull in the future.

“It’s the thing I have to improve for sure,” Tsunoda admitted. “If I do those things again, for sure, it will be more issues. I know these are things I have to improve mainly. So I’m working on it.

“It’s up to them if they want me or not, I think, for the rest of the things. But yeah, mainly focusing on those self-controllers. Other than that, I have pretty good confidence. I’m achieving most of it and I just keep improving.”

Aston Martin demo AMR22 in Riyadh

Aston Martin ambassador Jessica Hawkins ran the first public demonstration of a modern ground effect Formula 1 car at in Riyadh ahead of this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Teams are permitted to run 2022-spec cars privately for the first time in 2024. Hawkins drove Aston Martin’s AMR22 as part of a series of events honouring International Women’s Day on Friday.

“Since I drove the F1 car in Hungary last year, I have been contacted by lots of women and girls around the world asking how they can get involved,” Hawkins said. “Ahead of International Womens’ Day, it is vital to be seen and hopefully that will encourage more females to get involved.”

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Fahadalam007 and Emma Brooks!

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