Call of Duty MW3 Patch Notes March 6, 2024: All you need to know

Call of Duty MW3 Patch Notes March 6, 2024: All you need to know


Call of Duty MW3’s March 6 patch notes have dropped monumental changes for Season 2 Reloaded gameplay. Pages upon pages of content have been chopped, changed, and shifted to make Season 2 a period to remember in COD history.

There is so much to get into. So, let’s crack into the March 6 patch notes.

Call of Duty MW3 Patch Notes March 6

(Image via Activision)

(Image via Activision)


Das Haus (6v6)

Skidgrow (6v6)

Airborne (6v6)


SOA Subverter (Battle Rifle)

Aftermarket Parts

JAK Backsaw Kit (Holger 556)
JAK Outlaw-277 Kit (BAS-B)



Warhammer 40,000: For the Emperor!

Gameplay March 6 Patch Notes MW3

(Image via Activision)

(Image via Activision)

Upon aiming down sight, the crosshair will now transition directly to the center of the player’s screen rather than easing into position.


Resolved an issue causing the Blueprints from the Spare Ribs Bundle to be less transparent than intended.

Music from the Hans Zimmer MW2 Music Pack will once again play during matches.

Resolved an issue in Gunsmith in which Camos were not previewing properly on several Weapons.

Improved coverage of the Dissolver Camo on certain Weapons.

Multiplayer March 6 Patch Notes MW3

(Image via Activsion)

(Image via Activsion)


New Features

Added the ability to filter Attachments by Subcategories in the Gunsmith.

Optics: Hybrid, 4x, Thermal, Sniper Scope, 2.5x, Red Dot, Reflex, & Holo

Muzzles: Breachers, Flash Hiders, Suppressors, Comps & Brakes

Underbarrels: Hand Stops, Undermounted Weapons, Bipods, Vert Grips, & Angled Grips

Added the ability to track up to 5 Challenges to view outside the Challenge menu.

Tracked Challenges will appear on the in-game pause menu and lobby.

Added a Mark All Read button in the Social notification center

Bug Fixes

Add to Favorites button will no longer appear for locked Emblems.

Calling Cards unlockable only in Modern Warfare II will now state this information in the Customization menu.

In Free for All Modes, the local player will no longer appear as an enemy in the kill feed.

In Gunfight, placeholder images will no longer briefly appear in the Killcam.

Players can now Quick Equip content from the View New Content menu.

In Snipers Only Mode, restriction icons are now present for Weapons that aren’t Sniper Rifles, allowing players to better discern which Weapons are restricted.

Fixed a bug that prevented Weapon Level from displaying in Gunsmith

Several inaccuracies with Weapon Attachment descriptions have been resolved. 



Dome (MWII Carry-Forward)
Operation Tin Man (War)

Decreased time to build a laser trap from 4s to 2.5s (-38%).

Added a score event upon killing an enemy with a laser trap.

At the start of Phase 2, the crate containing the MAW will now automatically open after 60s.

Improved interaction with Turrets while using Tap to Interact input option.

Players can no longer exit the playable area near the Resting Area using a Deployable Cover.

In Private Match, Bots will now properly parachute during the Infil sequence.

Refined geometry to improve spawn conditions near the Main Trail.


Training Course (Private Match)



Increased minimum hipfire spread from 2.2deg/s to 2.4deg/s (+9%).

Increased maximum hipfire spread from 6.3deg/s to 6.7deg/s (+6%).

Increased tactical stance spread from 2.8deg/s to 2.9deg/s (+4%).

Increased aim down sight time from 220ms to 230ms (+5%).

Decreased aim down sight movement speed from 3.4m/s to 3m/s (-12%).

Increased horizontal recoil from 10.6deg/s to 15.6deg/s (+48%).

Decreased vertical recoil from 44.4deg/s to 42deg/s (-5%).

These changes ensure the BP50 remains a strong competitive option while aligning it better with its counterparts within the Assault Rifle class.


Decreased maximum damage from 39 to 38 (-3%).

Decreased near-medium damage from 33 to 32 (-3%).

Decreased maximum damage range from 35.6m to 30.5m (-14%).

Decreased near-medium damage range from 43.2m to 40.6m (-6%).

Within the near-medium damage range, the BAS-B is now a 4-shot kill to the torso and above.


JAK Heretic Carbine Kit

Decreased horizontal recoil from 11.9deg/s to 9.4deg/s (-21%).

Increased vertical recoil from 47.1deg/s to 47.9deg/s (+2%).

Incompatible Underbarrel Attachments can no longer be equipped.

Further Changes


Speedway v5 Short Barrel

Decreased aim down sight speed penalty from 15% to 10%

Increased recoil gun kick benefit from 4% to 9%.

Increased recoil control benefit from 8% to 12%.

FSS Imperator Light Barrel
Boreal-6C Suppressed Barrel

Decreased minimum standing hipfire spread from 2deg/s to 1.8deg/s (-10%).

Decreased maximum standing hipfire spread from 6.2deg/s to 5.6deg/s (-10%).

Decreased tactical stance spread from 3.4deg/s to 3.1deg/s (-9%).

Other MW3 changes in March 6 Patch Notes

Bruen Mk9

Decreased aim down sight time from 450ms to 410ms (-9%).

Increased lower-torso damage multiplier from 1.05x to 1.1x (+5%).

Increased movement speed from 3.9m/s to 4.4m/s (+13%).

Increased crouch movement speed from 1.6m/s to 2.1m/s (+31%).

Increased tactical sprint speed from 6.3m/s to 6.4m/s (+2%).

Increased aim down sight movement speed from 1.9m/s to 2.4m/s (+26%).

XRK Stalker

Added new Optic Attachment: XRK Stalker Factory Iron Sight

Unlocked via Armory Unlocks.

Decreased aim down sight time from 610ms to 580ms (-5%)

More Changes


JAK Limb Ripper

Increased movement speed while revving by 25%.

Increased damage range from 1.1m to 1.4m.

Increased damage from 36 to 50 (+39%).

Players will no longer damage themselves in Free for All Modes.

Resolved a compatibility issue with the JAK Raven Kit.


EMD Grenade (Tactical)

Added additional UI elements to better communicate when an enemy is tracked.

Tracked enemies will now appear as a constant ping on the minimap.

Resolved an issue preventing enemies from being tracked in Free for All Modes.

Players can no longer die unexpectedly when an EMD is thrown at vehicles or doors.

Field Upgrades


MW3 Ranked Play March 6 Patch Notes

(Image via Activision)

(Image via Activision)

Content Restrictions

Equipment Restrictions

MW3 Bug Fixes in Patch Notes

Addressed an issue that prevented players from earning SR after completing a match.

Addressed an issue that prevented the Top 250 Camo from animating when previewing the reward in-game.

Reminder: Seasonal Division Rewards will be distributed at the end of Season 2. Payers competing to earn Top 250 Division rewards must end Season 2 in the Top 250 Division.

Zombies MW3 March 6 Patch Notes

Story Mission

Operation Deadbolt is tasked with investigating a new anomaly in the next Modern Warfare Zombies Story Mission. Terminus Outcomes is becoming bolder and has followed your squad into the Dark Aether. Lean on your expert guide, Sergei Ravenov, to assess the situation and survive the Dark Aether.

Dark Aether Rift

After completing the new Story Mission, a fresh Dark Aether Rift experience awaits. . .  Keep your eyes open, follow the cryptic clues, and complete timed tasks to unlock access to the Rift Gate. Once inside, complete challenges and survive to earn coveted rewards, like the Blood Burner Key and more.

Dark Aether Rifts are unlocked by solving a hidden quest, which activates after completing the new Season 2 Reloaded Story Mission.

New Acquisitions and Schematics

Mags of Holding: Skip the reload and pull ammo directly from your weapon’s ammo stash, so you can keep pumping out damage without needing to stop and fill up again.

Blood Burner Key: Need a sick ride? Look no further. With the Blood Burner Key, you can summon this two-wheeler Wonder Vehicle at will. Cruise in style with this nearly indestructible bike that can move across water and is fueled by the blood of zombies you flatten under its tires. Surrounded? Activate the bike’s Aether Pulse ability to blast enemies in near proximity.

Pro tip: Mastering the e-brake separates the best from the rest. Need to take a corner? Use the e-brake to maximize handling!

V-R11 Wonder Weapon Case Schematic: In battle, every ally counts. Bolster your numbers using the V-R11 Wonder Weapon, capable of transforming zombies into friendly mercenaries and mercenaries into friendly zombies. Squadmate getting swarmed? You can also target allies with the V-R11, providing them temporary immunity from zombie aggression.

Containment Levels

Season 2 Reloaded introduces Containment Levels, a new tiered Exfil streak system which is immediately available to all players. Complete Contracts and successfully Exfil from the EZ to increase your Containment Level, up to 100, across 10 Tiers.

Rewards increase as your Containment Level Tier increases.

Tier 1 – Level 2: Start with 500 Essence

Tier 2 – Level 5: Start with 5 Armor Plates

Tier 3 – Level 8: Start with 1000 Essence

Tier 4 – Level 12: 30% discount on Perk-A-Cola machine costs.

Tier 5 – Level 20: Start with 1500 Essence.

Tier 6 – Level 30: 30% bonus on Contract Essence Rewards

Tier 7 – Level 40: Start with 2500 Essence.

Tier 8 – Level 50: 50% discount on Mystery Box costs.

Tier 9 – Level 75: Start with 5000 Essence.

Tier 10 – Level 100: 20% discount on Pack-A-Punch costs.

Players who are unable to successfully Exfil will be knocked back a single tier.

New Warlord: Keres

A deadly and elusive chemical warfare specialist, Keres is set to challenge even the most prepared squads. Those brave enough to face her will find her in the Killhouse at Orlov Military Base. Come prepared and approach with extreme caution: Expect her fortress to be well-defended by soldiers, snipers, turrets, traps, and poison gas grenades. Gas masks are highly recommended.





Greylorm will no longer follow players to the Final Exfil Helicopter.

Terminus Outcomes



Hell Hounds

Players can no longer activate a Dog Bone while in water.


New Weapons introduced in Season 2 have been added to the loot pool and can be found in lockers, crates, and the Mystery Box.


Decreased Critical Hit damage when Pack-a-Punched.

The RAM-9 fires an extra bullet when PAP’d which allows it to overperform with the previous tuning.




Privacy Manager

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