How Many People Play Tekken? Tekken 8 Player Count Explained


How many people play Tekken in 2024? With the release of a brand-new game in the series, it seems there’s a bigger Tekken player count than ever. If we look at sales and how well the game is doing on each of its platforms, we can get a good idea of how many people play Tekken.

A brand-new fighting game release tends to get a big surge in players. Tekken 8’s early numbers put it on par with SF 6, especially in the game’s sales. It looked pretty healthy, even before most of the fighting game esports started for the series. However, how has the game settled in? Is its active player base still growing or has Tekken 8 shrunk compared to its first month? There are a few metrics we can look at to get a good idea of the number of people who play Tekken.

Tekken 8 Player count

Source: Bandai Namco

How Many People Play Tekken?

Finding out the exact number of people who play any game can be a bit troublesome. Publishers often don’t release exact numbers, outside of when they have a particular figure to brag about. Although, there are ways to tell how well a game is doing.

As a paid game, everyone involved in the title had to pick up a copy first. We can look at the Tekken 8 sales to get an idea of how many people can play. For how many still play, we have to look at platform-specific data.

Starting with the total Tekken sales, the game has recently passed 2 million. This has been pretty quick so far. It looks set to catch up with Tekken 7 eventually. Not everyone who bought a copy is going to be downloading the Tekken updates and jumping in every day though.

So how do we find out how many are still playing? Consoles don’t release live player numbers, so we’re pretty much stuck there. For Steam though, we can look at an accurate picture of how well Tekken 8’s player count has held up.

Tekken 8 Live Players

On Steam, the highest ever recorded Tekken 8 player count was 46,139. This is pretty sizeable for a fighting game. About a month into the game, its normal daily peaks have lowered quite a bit. The average 24-hour peak is closer to 21,000 now. Although, at any given time it’s pretty close to this number.

Tekken 8 Player count

Source: Bandai Namco

Only a month after release, at least 20,000 people play daily on Steam. We can probably expect similar numbers on all platforms. At least in terms of the drop from the all-time peak, it’ll likely be representative of console too.

How many people play Tekken 8 shows the game is still pretty healthy. The Tekken player count is considerably larger than a lot of other fighting games. There are still more Tekken 8 DLC characters to come too, which will likely get the player count boosted again too.

Is the Tekken Player Count Growing?

That’s how the Tekken player count looks at the moment, it does still seem to be growing though. Fairly recently Tekken 8 passed a new milestone for sales. While it’s a little way off its original peak for concurrent players, this is still a good sign. A big update or event will likely mean more players return, with higher sales there’s a greater pool of players who can jump back in. That’s not even considering the boost it’ll see from the Tekken World Tour returning.

Tekken 8 is looking pretty healthy in its player count right now. Considering both Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1 released close to this title, it’s impressive that all three have managed such sizeable player counts.

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