Christian Wood Granted Restraining Order Against His Baby Mama

Christian Wood Granted Restraining Order Against His Baby Mama


Lakers center Christian Wood has been granted a temporary restraining order against his baby mama and Instagram model Yasmine Lopez.

Wood alleges that Lopez has harmed him mentally and physically and also damaged his property, TMZ reports. 

“Los Angeles Lakers big man Christian Wood was just granted a temporary restraining order against his model ex-girlfriend … after he claimed the mother of his child made his life a living hell following their breakup in December 2022,” TMZ said.

“The allegations are all laid out in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports … with the 28-year-old hooper accusing Yasmine Lopez — who boasts more than a million followers on social media — of causing not only mental and emotional stress, but also financial damage to his valuable property.”

Lopez and some of her friends went to Wood’s home in California on February 23, before she allegedly scratched his car.

“Wood claims on February 23, 2024, Lopez and her friends trespassed at his California residence by climbing a fence … and she proceeded to scratch the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz,” TMZ said.

It’s not the first time Wood claims that Lopez had gone to extreme lengths, since she broke into his home last year.

“Wood also details an August 2023 incident in which he says Lopez broke into his home in Encino … destroying statues, glass and vases and attempting to hit him,” TMZ Sports reported. “He says friends who were present at the time called the police, who de-escalated the situation.”

However, Lopez isn’t the only one doing wild things, since Wood turned up to Lopez’s friends house with a shovel recently. 

Apparently he was looking for his son and the friend caught him on video.

Things might get even more ugly before they get better between these two, so stay tuned.


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