Christian Horner earns the sympathy of the British Royal Family at 2024 Bahrain GP

Christian Horner earns the sympathy of the British Royal Family at 2024 Bahrain GP


Christian Horner, who was under investigation for coercive and controlling misconduct, received a sympathetic gesture from a member of the British Royal Family as his F1 team cruised to a dominant win at the season opener in Bahrain.

Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew and the Dutchess of York, gently touched the Red Bull boss’s arm on the grid following the race, which Max Verstappen won by 22 seconds.

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It comes after alleged WhatsApp chats between Horner and an assistant were leaked to hundreds of journalists, although he continues to maintain his innocence as he had done throughout the investigation too.

Ferguson wasn’t the only member of the family in attendance. Also, there were Zara and Mike Tindall, Peter Phillips, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank as they watched from the crowd.

Geri Halliwell present at the race

But the most important person present for Horner was Geri Halliwell, Horner’s wife, who reportedly went into “meltdown” as the discovery of the chats.

She initially planned to fly out to the Middle Eastern nation as a show of unity with the F1 personality after Red Bull announced the investigation was concluded and the grievance against Horner dismissed but the WhatsApp chats were leaked as she landed.

So that left people wondering whether she would have caught the next flight back to the United Kingdom, but she stuck through it and was seen in the paddock with her husband of nine years on multiple occasions – both publicly and privately.

It’s important to stress that, despite the chat leaks, we do not know if they are valid and true and that they are not a sign of the innocence or guilt of Horner until the verification process has been completed.

For now, Red Bull found Horner not guilty of the allegations and declared that they would not be adding further comment other than that the investigation was “rigorous, fair and impartial”.


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