Skyesports Masters 2024 with $350,000 Prize Pool Announced!

Skyesports Masters 2024 with $350,000 Prize Pool Announced!


The Skyesports Masters 2024 tournament, which will take place as a LAN in India, has been officially announced. The teams Liquid, NIP, BIG and ENCE have been invited to the tournament with a prize pool of $350,000. However, not all the teams that will take part in the tournament have been announced yet.

In the previous year, Indian teams competed in the Skyesports Masters 2023 tournament, where Gods Reign emerged as the champions after defeating their rivals Revenant 2-0 in the final. They won a prize money of $53,944, while the runner-up, Revenant, received $39,010. This year, the tournament has expanded to include international teams and the total prize pool has increased from $146,032 to $350,000.

Skyesports Masters 2024

The tournament is scheduled to take place between 8-14 April 2024, but the host city is yet to be determined. Direct invitations have been sent to Liquid, NIP, BIG, and ENCE teams. Additionally, two more teams will be invited to participate, making a total of 8 teams. The remaining two teams will be selected through the European and Indian qualifiers.

The Skyesports Masters 2024 tournament is an A-Tier event. The format and date of the European qualifier are yet to be announced. However, the Indian qualifier is scheduled for March 2024. The qualifiers consist of both open and closed rounds, with the eight remaining teams in the closed qualifiers competing for a spot in the tournament. The tournament will be held as a LAN event, while the open and closed qualifiers will be conducted online.


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