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Maybe you’re new to CS2. Maybe you’re not. Either way, you want to know how to practice CS2 smokes. Don’t worry – we’ve got you. We’ve put together our CS2 smokes guide, so you know exactly how you can practice the latest and greatest lineups – and maybe even find a few of your own!

Setting up CS2 smokes practice

CS2 smokes commands

Credit: Daniel Morris

Before you learn how to practice CS2 smokes, you need to set up your game correctly. There are a few different steps you can take here, but we’re going to show you a few CS2 console commands you need to enter before any session of looking for the best CS2 smokes. Copy and paste these commands into your in-game console in the following order:

sv_cheats true
bind n noclip
bind l “ent_fire smokegrenade_projectile kill;ent_fire molotov_projectile kill;ent_fire flashbang_projectile kill;ent_fire hegrenade_projectile kill;ent_fire decoy_projectile kill;stopsound”
bind , sv_rethrow_last_grenade

These will enable you to do a few different things. You can press “N” to noclip around the map to see if your CS2 smokes lineups are working as intended. You can press “L” to immediately wipe your CS2 smokes out of existence, so if it doesn’t land right, you don’t have to wait for it to fade to try again. Finally, you can press”,” to rethrow your last smoke, meaning that you can check whether a lineup is working as intended (this one works better for flashes, but it’s worth adding).

Setting up a CS2 smokes lobby

how to practice CS2 smokes

Credit: Daniel Morris

With your commands now in place, it’s time to make the lobby. This is simple. Just make sure that you’re in the “Practice” mode, and have the following options ticked green, like in the picture above:

Grenade Camera
Infinite Ammo
Infinite Warmup

The Grenade Camera allows you to see where you’re throwing, Infinite Ammo gives you unlimited grenades, and Infinite Warmup ensures the game doesn’t start as normal. Enabling these settings will ensure that no bots spawn, too. With all this set, you’re now ready to practice the best CS2 smokes.

Finding the best CS2 smokes online

how to practice CS2 smokes

Credit: Daniel Morris

If you want to know how to practice CS2 smokes with all of the perfect lineups that pros use fast, looking online is your best bet.

There are plenty of creators online who specialize in the best CS2 smokes on all maps, namely NartOutHere, austincs, and CS Tactics. Use their lineups to get some great CS2 smokes!

Finding your own CS2 smokes

Finding the best CS2 smokes on all maps for yourself can be an immensely rewarding experience. If you have an idea for a strat, you might want to look for an easier way to execute it than you might find online. Sometimes, the answer to how to practice CS2 smokes isn’t always found in a TikTok or YouTube video.

how to practice CS2 smokes

Credit: Daniel Morris

If you want to learn your own CS2 smokes, it’s all about trial and error. Be prepared to fail, and fail again, until you get it right. Have an idea in mind, and use the grenade camera to throw your CS2 smokes across all maps, until you’re a master of the art. It’s definitely slower than learning them online, but it’s a ton more rewarding. Once you have a lineup, use recording software like ShadowPlay or OBS to record it. That way, you can refer to it if you forget it!

It’s one thing to learn CS2 smokes, it’s another to know them. When playing matches after practicing your CS2 smokes, make sure to consciously try them out. It makes a big difference in them sticking around in your brain!

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