When is the next VALORANT Update: Find out the date and time


Other than the launching of new skins, the most exciting time for fans is the date for new VALORANT updates. Each VALORANT update either comes with the launch of new agents, new skins, or even new maps. It must be noted that every month, fans of VALORANT can expect a minimum of one patch. The frequency of the release of the patch does depend on Riot. In this article, let’s answer the burning question: when is the next VALORANT Update?

When is the next VALORANT Update?

next valorant update

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It is noticed that VALORANT has a new update once a month. Within the small patches, players can see certain changes made to agents. This can be in the form of buffs or nerfs to a given agent’s ability. At the start of the year, in patch 8.01, we got to see a major nerf to Skye. This resulted in the reduction of the character’s usage in the various VALORANT Champion Tours as well as the VALORANT Challenger Leagues.

Before a VALORANT update is made live, certain players can test it out in the PBE. PBE stands for the Public Beta Environment. In this, certain players who sign up can try the new update before it’s made public. In the past, people have been able to speculate when the next update will be live. Below is the upcoming schedule of the VALORANT PBE:

8.04 – March 1, 2024
8.05 – March 8, 2024

Previously, the 8.03 PBE took place on Feb. 9 and the 8.03 update was made available for all on Feb. 21. Thus, it can be speculated that the next VALORANT Update 8.04 could be coming out around March 15. But this will likely not be the case as these dates will coincide with the first 2 days of the upcoming VCT Masters Madrid.

Thus, it would be realistic to believe that the upcoming update would be out after the completion of VCT Masters Madrid. The VCT Masters Madrid is set to wrap on March 24. Therefore, we believe that the next VALORANT update will be out on March 25 or 26.

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