The Best Reactions to Proposed New 3-Point Line

The Best Reactions to Proposed New 3-Point Line


NBA scoring is getting out of hand, and in an attempt to make things a little harder for the offense, and to curb the league-wide obsession with threes, a proposal has re-emerged for a new three-point line.

Originally stemming from a past Kirk Goldsberry article, the concept was given a second life today thanks to a post from X account NBA University.

The proposal coincides with the NBA looking into what could be implemented to give defenses a better chance of competing.

This particular redesign of the three-point line would mark the death of the corner three, a hyper-efficient shot that defenses have long taken advantage of.

“My thoughts: would allow for more weakside help and teams to show early without giving up free points on a shot that is overpowered in its efficiency,” NBA University wrote.

“Also encouraging more body movement and rewarding players with deeper shooting range. Offense and defense would be more dynamic.”

Here’s how the idea has been received online:


When originally proposing the above altered three-point line, Goldsberry’s idea was to allow each NBA team draw the 3-point line wherever they wanted. The graphic above illustrates how he suggested Golden State may draw their line.

He admitted it was a pretty wild idea, even saying, “the following idea has often been ridiculed as the dumbest thing I ever proposed, however, a few people have told me it’s brilliant.”

You can make your own mind up as to whether it’s genius or madness. All we know with certainty right now is that the NBA has to try something!

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