Sheffield United players square up to each other in heated moment at Wolves

Sheffield United players square up to each other in heated moment at Wolves


Sheffield United players Vinícius Souza and Jack Robinson decided to square up to each other in a heated moment at Wolves on Sunday.

The pair had a swipe at each other before getting separated by their fellow teammates shortly after falling behind at Molineux.

Sheffield United, sitting rock bottom of the Premier League table, found themselves trailing once again after Wolves took the lead with Pablo Sarabia’s header 30 minutes in.

Tensions among the United players threatened to boil over as Souza and Robinson clashed in a manner similar to the infamous Dyer vs Bowyer coming together.

After a near miss from Pedro Neto that could have extended Wolves’ lead, Souza and Robinson exchanged heated words over their defensive abilities only for it to escalated with the two players going head to head, with Souza giving a slap to his teammate’s face.

Robinson retaliated by pushing his fellow player, then in came Blades captain Anel Ahmedhodzic to prevent further escalation.

Referee Darren Bond intervened and gathered the players together, while VAR…

Sky Sports’ Don Goodman: “It’s a bit of passion, their upset. Robinson is causing Souza out but it’s never a red card. Thankfully the officials agree.

“Chris Wilder will like that. It’s demanding of each other.”

Sky Sports’ Lewis Jones: “It wasn’t quite Bowyer vs Dyer but that got heated between Robinson and Souza. Arms were raised and the VAR did have a look. Sorry state of affairs.”

Conor McNamara (Commentator on BBC Radio 5 Live): “You’re not going to get sent off for that, even if that was against an opponent you wouldn’t get sent off never mind against one of your own teammates.

“It sums up the disgruntlement, the unhappiness that Sheffield United are very much feeling.

“Chris Wilder will say ‘look it shows they care’ and all that but it’s not a great look when you have teammates squaring up.”

Sky Sports’ Matt Murray on Sheffield United players squaring up to each other: “Chris Wilder will want them to show that fight on the pitch, controlled, though – no Mason Holgate challenges. Wolves will think they’ve got them rattled. That shouldn’t be a sending off, just leave it as it is. It does show how much these players care.”

Twitter users reacted after seeing Sheffield United players square up to each other in a heated moment at Wolves…

@petermc10: Lovely stuff. Call people out when they’ve done something wrong instead of everyone blowing smoke up each others arses telling them how good they are when they been shite. Sort it out in the changing rooms and be done with it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

@Warren1978: Ahmedhodzic will probably be interviewed after the game and say they were probably tickling each other for laughs.

@mjccfc: This is the saddest state i’ve ever seen a Premier League club be in in my lifetime

@seanydisora: Most passion we’ve seen all season

@BarneyLUFC21: Wilders Sheffield Utd are falling apart and it’s a beautiful thing to watch

@ConnorMOT92: Sheff United falling apart. Things you love to see 😂

@1JonDavies1988: Don’t mind it. About time they started having a pop at each other #sufc

@SufcLouis: Hilarious football club

@SamFentem: Look forward to Ahmedhodzic saying the players didn’t even go near each other

@G33Jambo: The handbags are out in the Sheffield United team lol 😂

@Petethemkhammer: My money is on souza 👊🏻

@SuggittKian: We are an embarrassment of a football club

@Lynch19955: Only two who give a fuck

@Tony_Cuddihy: One of those situations that commentators say ‘you hate to see’ that football fans absolutely love to see.

@smithy24700: Our game is alive and kicking. Love it.

@Liam_SUFC: That is a joke fucking morons

@_WalkerTom99_: State of that team 😂😂

@mikepriestley13: Not quite Lee bowyer vs Kieron dyer vibes but it’s not good look to see teammates swiping at each other like that. Penny for the thoughts of Sheffield United fans seeing this.

@WhatsAnIQ__: I’ve seen it all now. The fact that this was even checked is outrageous 😂

@LimmySUFC: Seen it all. Ffs

@JayWHU: Yeah Sheff Utd are defo going down 😭

@TaylaMcGrath6: Embrassing. Robinson🤡

@stevegroves2004: Both trying to get sent off so they miss their next game. Both aren’t stupid.

@__rnt91: Get these bums out of this league

@ScreechLouder: “This is the sort of thing no-one likes to see” (it’s 100% the sort of thing everyone likes to see)


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