Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Deadly Omen Details Revealed


As the Rainbow Six Siege world waits eagerly for the Grand Final of the Six Invitational, Ubisoft has lifted the lid on the next major update – Operation Deadly Omen. This is the next biggest update to hit Rainbow Six Siege’s ecosystem, and it’s positively bursting at the seams with things that players have been waiting for. There’s a new Operator, quality-of-life improvements, and proposed meta shifts that’ll change the face of the game when Operation Deadly Omen drops in March.

Over time, Ubisoft is proving its dedication to Rainbow Six Siege. It’s the strongest esports-focused title the company has ever produced, boasting an audience of millions of fans. The Six Invitational is approaching the final stages in Brazil, where thousands of fans are soaking up every second of the action. There’s still a long road ahead for Rainbow Six Siege, and the next step on that journey is Operation Deadly Omen.

Read on to learn everything you need about the Year 9 Season 1 update in Rainbow Six Siege.

Enter Deimos

operation deadly omen

The newest Operator in Rainbow Six Siege is ‘Deimos’, a revolver-toting, drone-wielding force of nature. He has been tagged as the ‘most menacing Operator in Rainbow Six Siege history’, and he makes use of a potentially OP ‘Deathmark’ drone to locate and track Defenders wherever they try to hide. He carries a .44 revolver with immense stopping power – it’s called the ‘Vendetta’. As a 2-/2 Operator, Deimos should quickly become a fan-favourite Attacker when Operation Deadly Omen drops.

Here’s a handy 8-minute video breaking down the new Operator:

Alongside the introduction of Deimos, fans of shields will appreciate a wide host of changes coming to how they behave. It was revealed by Ubisoft that the following tweaks and new mechanics are being applied to shields:

The head will always be protected and the new ‘free look’ mechanic means you can adjust your field of view behind a shield without turning
Shields can push back Defenders
Shields can be ‘debuffed’ – you can’t sprint with one when being directly shot at
Operators like Fuse, Montagne, and Blitz will be able to use ballistic shields to bust through barricades

Did you notice the mention of free look being added? Ubisoft has opted to add a new free look mechanic that allows users to glance left and right without fully turning, allowing them to check corners and corridors with ease. In terms of vision-based changes, Ubisoft has also amended how optics and ADS mechanics work in Operation Deadly Omen. During the Six Invitational, the crowd roared when it was revealed that the R-4C ACOG was coming back.

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Changes on Changes

New amendments are being applied to the competitive scene in Operation Deadly Omen. Ubisoft is tightening up Player Protection elements and balancing a wide range of weapons and Operators to meet the demands of the community. For instance, Azami’s Kiba Barriers are now vulnerable to incoming fire, which makes her a less OP Defender.

For newer players, the ‘onboarding’ mechanics in Rainbow Six Siege have been bolstered, with a solid rotation of ‘Versus AI’ playlists having been introduced. There’s a decent selection of Operators that brand-new players can assume control of, getting used to the game’s mechanics before pushing on into Ranked.

Here’s a snapshot of everything else that’s important in Operation Deadly Omen:

There’s a Locker that allows you to browse your collection more easily
‘Player Comfort’ features have been tweaked and more accessibility elements have been introduced
Anti-cheat systems have been updated with new ML-based functions

Anyone will agree that this is a phenomenal update and a true testament to Ubisoft’s ongoing support of Rainbow Six Siege.

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