Edgar Berlanga Knocks Out Padraig McCrory In Sixth Round

Edgar Berlanga Knocks Out Padraig McCrory In Sixth Round


Posted on 02/25/2024

By: Sean Crose

Super middleweight contender Edgar Berlanga stepped into the ring in Orlando, Florida on Saturday night to take on Padraig McCrory in a throwdown scheduled for 12. The 21-0 Berlanga was hoping to get closer to a huge fight with the likes of Canelo Alvarez while the 18-0 McCrory was looking to shock the world by besting Berlanga. At 35, there was little doubt that McCrory was the B-side attraction walking in. The Irishman, however, wasn’t a fighter to sleep on, especially if Berlanga hoped to continue climbing the figurative ladder. The reality was that each man had a lot riding on the fight.


The first round was mostly a feeling out process for both fighters, though McCrory may have edged it by being the more active of the two. The pace began to pick up a bit in the second, with each man taking the opportunity to land well. Berlanga appeared to intentionally head butt McCrory in the third With that being said, Berlanga was unable to get in on his man for the most part. The fourth was close until the later part in the round, when Berlanga tagged his man breaking free from the clutch. The rest of the round belonged to Berlanga and his hard, clean punching.

Berlanga went on to have a terrific fifth with the exception of a low blow he landed on McCrory. With that in mind, there was little doubt that New York’ Berlanga was now controlling the fight and breaking his opponent down. McCrory fought well through the first portion of the sixth. Berlanga, however, was not to be denied. He began landing sharp, brutal punches, then finally put his man on the mat courtesy of a sledgehammer right. McCrory was just about counted out when his corner threw in the towel. Berlanga is now in the pipeline for a fight with Canelo Alvarez for Canelo’s WBC super middleweight title.

Canelo, however, looks as if he might now be playing the role of Lion in Winter. Having built himself up a fortune, as well as an eye popping resume and a guaranteed induction into the Hall of Fame, he now looks to be picking and choosing who he fights next. With Canelo’s record, it’s hard to begrudge the man for possibly doing what he wants with the rest of his career, though it may be frustrating for potential opponents, Berlanga perhaps being one of them.

*Photo: Matchroom

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