Tom Brady Will Have To Cut Sponsorship Once Ownership Deal Becomes Official

Tom Brady Will Have To Cut Sponsorship Once Ownership Deal Becomes Official


In all likelihood, Tom Brady will soon officially be a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders. Of course Brady originally agreed to a deal last year, but the approval was held up over concerns about the discount he was receiving. These issues have since been ironed out, and approval will soon be voted on.

But upon becoming an owner of the Raiders, there are certain rules Brady must abide by and things that he can sponsor now, he will no longer be able to. Sports betting is one of those things and Brady will have to cut ties with one of his sponsorships very soon.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Brady will have to cut his sponsorship ties with BetMGM once he officially purchases his minority share of the Raiders:

Per the NFL, the moment Brady’s acquisition of a portion of the Raiders is approved, he’ll have to cut ties with BetMGM.

“NFL personnel are prohibited from engaging in, using or permitting the use of one’s name or images in connection with activities or materials that depict, advertise, market or promote any form of gambling, including sports betting,” the league said in an email to PFT.

Of course, Brady will be allowed to own up to five percent of BetMGM or any other company that operates a sports book once he officially becomes an owner of the Raiders. Every owner can do that. And the league won’t disclose the equity interests that NFL owners have in sports book companies.

As Florio noted, Brady will still be able to have partial ownership of BetMGM, but is simply unable to have his likeness and image be used in advertising or marketing. Obviously, this will in no way affect Brady’s Raiders ownership purchase and is simply a sacrifice he will have to make.

He surely knew this would be the case going in, but considering all of his other avenues for revenue, Brady will be just fine and now it is simply a matter of time until he is officially a partial Raiders owner.

Antonio Pierce has implemented ‘Jordan Rules’ for Raiders vs. Patrick Mahomes

With Tom Brady retired, Patrick Mahomes has taken over the mantle as the best quarterback in the NFL and is quickly rising the all-time ranks in the eyes of many. Antonio Pierce led the Raiders to a win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the last loss they took this season, and he took some motivation from the 1980s Detroit Pistons.

Pierce revealed he showed the Raiders clips of the ‘Bad Boy’ Pistons implementing the ‘Jordan Rules’ on Michael Jordan and did the same for his team against Mahomes. The Raiders hit Mahomes 10 times that game, and while Pierce obviously didn’t want to completely injure the Chiefs star, he believes they got in his head that day.


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