Fortnite Weekly Quests – Complete Fun Week 12 Challenges

Fortnite Weekly Quests - Complete Fun Week 12 Challenges


What are the Fortnite Week 12 Quests? These are all of the most recent Fortnite Weekly quests and the easiest way to get each of them done!

If you’re hoping to get through the Battle Pass quickly, the Fortnite weekly quests are one of the best features in the game. These are challenges that drop once a week, encouraging players to get involved with the new and old content in Battle Royale. These quests let you unlock quite a lot of XP right now. Since the dailies have been replaced by match quests, you need every opportunity to grind XP.

Some players might gravitate towards Creative XP maps in Fortnite for this, but Weekly quests are some of the best options otherwise. It’s a little objective you can work into your gameplay for standard rounds of Fortnite. If you’re hoping to get the weekly quests done quickly, each has a few tricks and best methods to use. This is how you can complete all of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Weekly Quests and the best methods for the trickier ones this time!

Fortnite Weekly Quests 

Fortnite Weekly Quests

Fortnite Week 12 Quests

While news has been heating up this week about what’s coming next with Fortnite, like the new FN Lady Gaga crossover, we’ve still got a few weeks of quests left! If you’re struggling to get things finished up in time to get every super style in the Battle Pass, blowing through these is going to go a long way! These are all of the Fortnite weekly quests this time and the easiest way to complete all of them.

Bounce on Umbrellas or Tyres (8) 15K XP

The first of the new Fortnite weekly quests is an easy one. Bounce on umbrellas or tires, both of these are props that can give you a bigger jump. The easiest way to get it done is to stand by one set of tires or an umbrella, and just jump on them eight times!

You can find tires simply at any of the rare gas stations this season. They’re often the mending machine locations too. Just head to one of these and bounce eight times.

Destroy Stairs (10) 5K XP – Fortnite Week 12 Quests

The next one of the Fortnite weekly challenges is another basic one. Destroy stairs, any build piece that acts as stairs will work. You’ll only have to destroy 10 pieces with your pickaxe. This is easiest done by heading to a tall building. These have staircases.

Knocking most of them out will nearly get you the whole way there. Just start at the top of a staircase and work your way down.

Travel Distance Vertically Without Taking Fall Damage (250) 15K XP – Fortnite Weekly Challenges

Fortnite Launchpad - Fortnite Weekly Quests

The next Fortnite Week 12 quests are where we get a bit more difficult. This one is largely just worded strangely though. It’s simple once you understand how it works.

All you need to do is move vertically, so up or down, without being shot at. 250 isn’t a lot of distance either. You can get this done easily in one of two ways.

The first solution to the Fortnite weekly quests is to head up to a launchpad. Jump on a launchpad, and you’ll be propelled a decent way up in the air. You can repeat this to finish off the quest. You can find launchpads at the top of most mountains.

The other option takes some gold but sets you up to potentially win a Fortnite game. Go to a vending machine selling a TMNT weapon, buy one. Then use the movement alt fire to propel yourself directly upwards!

Deal Damage 5o Opponents That Are Swimming or While You’re Swimming (200) 15K XP

The next quest gets a bit more annoying, as you’re basically waiting for a specific thing to happen. You need to damage opponents in the water or while they’re in the water.

This is a circumstance which happens in a lot of games. Hard to make happen deliberately though. You have two strategies here, depending on how many rounds of Battle Royale you want to play while finishing your Fortnite weekly quests. The first is to just play games, and jump on anyone in the water.

The next solution is a lot quicker, go to Team Rumble. Here you’re still required to wait around water. However, the respawns and different pacing of Team Rumble make fights much more common. You should get it done fairly quickly if there’s a later circle near water in a round of Team Rumble.

Gain Health During the Day or Shields at Night (500) 15K XP

The next of the Fortnite Weekly Challenges is entirely RNG-based. You have to gain health by healing in the daytime, and shields at night. It’s simple at first, but you don’t have any control over the time of day in Fortnite.

If you want to get this one of the Fortnite weekly quests done, it’s best to carry meds and wait for your moment. Save your shields until nighttime. During the day, grab a medkit, take a little fall damage, and get your health back. This can be done within a few games if you focus on it. It is a bit of a pain though.

Eliminate an Enemy Player That You Have Hit With the Ballistic Shield Charge 30K XP

The final inclusion in the Fortnite Week 12 Quests is worth double XP! Fittingly, it’s a bit of a hassle. For this one, you need to make use of a more niche item’s more niche secondary use, and then follow up. There’s a lot of RNG involved here.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

To get this quest done, you’ll need to start by finding a Ballistic shield. It’s one of the more fun current Fortnite weapons. With the loot pool so crowded now though, this might take a little while. Once you’ve tracked it done, you need to get into a firefight.

Once engaging an enemy, all you need to do at first is ram them. The Ballistic Shield has a second use. You can charge a player and knock them back. That’s the first stage of this. The second is to eliminate the player you charged.

If you managed to do this on the rift in POI or a hillside, it’ll take care of itself. Otherwise, you’ll need to switch your weapon and follow up on the charge! In Team Rumble, the hardest part is to find a ballistic shield.

It’ll take a bit of fuss to get in the right set-up, but once you do it’s fairly easy to get finished with a single elim. You don’t exactly have to be an FNCS Final level player to do this one.

Completing Fortnite Weekly Challenges to Level Up

How to Win Fortnite Chapter 5

The Fortnite Chapter 5 Battle Pass takes a bit more grinding this year. It’s got V-Bucks moved into the Bonus Rewards, and dailies don’t give nearly the same XP. Getting the Fortnite Weekly quests done are key for getting through that pass. Utilize the Rocket Racing dailies too, and you should be able to unlock most of the bonus rewards before we run out of time.


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