French journalist pinpoints Fred Vasseur’s impact on Ferrari amid “more serene environment”

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari


Frédéric Vasseur has reportedly brought a serenity to the Ferrari team that has been absent for a long time, according to Julien Febreau.

Frédéric Vasseur’s Ferrari is a serene and motivated team, as has not been the case in the F1 team for a long time. The care of the French engineer is beginning to have an effect, after a 2023 spent settling in and learning the complex mechanisms of Maranello. Now it seems that everyone in the team is encouraged to propose ideas and solutions without the fear of failure, a characteristic lacking in past management.

The new Ferrari has already taken shape. The Mattia Binotto era, born from the experiences of Marco Mattiacci and Maurizio Arrivabene, who arrived in Maranello after the departure of Stefano Domenicali, is definitively over. Frédéric Vasseur is in Italy to stay – at least we hope so – and to continue his team vision. A job that, according to what has been learned in recent months, is bearing fruit.

Julien Febreau reveals the state of Maranello in these weeks ahead of the 2024 Formula 1 championship. Interviewed on the “Cool Room” podcast, the French journalist explained how there is a new atmosphere in Ferrari: “There is already a strong impact from Fred Vasseur. People I speak to, and I don’t just mean the drivers, have reported a much more serene environment.” – he pointed out.

“There is no longer that fear of making mistakes, of proposing something that may not work. There is no longer a policy of repression towards failure; there is much more freedom to present ideas. Frédéric Vasseur prefers people to come and talk to him, to offer alternatives or even to express criticism, contradicting him. Having a clear action plan and goals to achieve then motivates the team.” – the French manager continued.

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According to Julien Febreau, the empathetic, ironic, and ultimately human personality of Frédéric Vasseur, and his true love for motorsport, make him very appreciated in Maranello. Ferrari breathes an air of serenity, but there is also a strong desire to return to the fight for the Championships. The Vasseur treatment seems to be working, according to the French journalist’s comments.

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari

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