Effectively Wild Episode 2126: Season Preview Series: Cardinals and Guardians



Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Rob Manfred’s announcement that he’ll step down as commissioner after his current term. Then they preview the 2024 St. Louis Cardinals (26:01) with The Athletic’s Katie Woo and the 2024 Cleveland Guardians (1:09:24) with MLB.com’s Mandy Bell, plus a postscript (1:44:43).





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Audio intro: Alex Ferrin, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio interstitial 1: Andy Ellison, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio interstitial 2: Justin Peters, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio outro: Ian H., “Effectively Wild Theme”

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Link to Katie’s Athletic archive
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Link to eclipse opener news
Link to Mandy on the eclipse
Link to Ben on the 2017 eclipse
Link to Langs on Vogt
Link to payrolls page
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Link to article on Cavnar
Link to Ben on ex-player GMs
Link to Toronto Fogo page
Link to Toronto Fogo article
Link to article on Escobar

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