Tyson Fury lays out five-fight plan for next several years

Tyson Fury lays out five-fight plan for next several years


Tyson Fury has a plan. And it definitely isn’t retirement.

The heavyweight titleholder, who is scheduled to fight Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight championship on May 18 in Saudi Arabia, indicated in a video on social media who he wants to face in his next five fights:

Usyk in May.
Usyk in a rematch.
Anthony Joshua.
Joshua in a rematch (maybe, he said).
And Francis Ngannou in a rematch.

Fury’s timing isn’t great. He’s coming off the worst performance of his career, a split decision over Ngannou even though the MMA star was making his boxing debut in October.

And his showdown with Usyk, originally scheduled for Feb. 17, was postponed after Fury suffered a cut in sparring.

Fury, who has used the word retirement in the past, sounds as if he’s determined to stick around for a while and get back to his dominating ways.

“I keep hearing people saying I should retire or I’m going to retire soon,” Fury said in the video. “I ain’t going to retire anywhere. I’ve got two fights with Usyk for the undisputed.

“Then I’m going to fight AJ at least once, maybe twice if there’s a rematch, if he wants one after the first battering I’m going to give him. And then I’m going to fight Ngannou again.

“That’s just to start. There’s five little fights for you to whet your appetite with you. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m 35 years old in the prime of my life.”


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