Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis Event Overview

Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis Event Overview


The Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crysis event is one of the newest options offered by Blizzard. Let’s learn everything about it.

As reported in our Overwatch 2 Season 9 patch notes, one of the new things we’ll have access to is the Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crysis event. The latter will allow you to “explore a non-canon story that will test your loyalty to your teammates”. 

Considering the event will not be around for long, we have decided to share everything about it. So, let’s solve the mystery of the Cosmic Crisis together and see what you can expect.

Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis – Overview

As mentioned, this is an event where you have to play with your teammates. It is a 4-player co-op event, where you have different objectives that will change. What makes it even more impressive is that each game will give one of the players a choice that will determine what will happen with the rest of the team.

Regarding the storyline, before you can solve the mystery of the Cosmic Crysis, you will find yourself near a wrecked ship. The goal will be to repair that ship, but you will be on Ecopoint: Antarctica, where different enemies overrun the station.  Besides fighting them, you will have to do everything you can to “resist the call of the Ravager”.

Weekly Changes

Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis Event
via Blizzard

What’s unique about the Overwatch 2 Cosmic Criss event is that it will change every week. According to Blizzard, there will be new Mission Modifiers every week, which means you will have a unique experience.

The action will kick off on February 20 with the Death from Above modifier. February 27 will bring the Molten Core modifier when the Null Sector has pools of lava. Lastly, March 5 is when we will see the Thunderstorm modifier. 


If you decide to solve the mystery of the Cosmic Crysis, you will be able to earn fun cosmetic items. You will also get a head start in your Overwatch 2 Season 9 Battle Pass because it will contain special challenges related to the event. In terms of the prizes, the Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis can grant you options like:

Player Icon
Tasty Weapon Charm
Name DCard
Voice Lines
25,000 bonus Battle Pass XP

People who get the Premium Battle Pass will have access to even better rewards. For example, there is a special Mything Skin for Moira called Ancient Caller. Just keep in mind that the Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis event ends on March 12.


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