Effectively Wild Episode 2124: Season Preview Series: Rangers and Cubs



Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a difference between baseball and football (as illustrated by the Super Bowl), the lowering of the limit on players per organization, and umpire Jen Pawol’s ascent toward the majors (and history). Then they preview the 2024 Texas Rangers (22:28) with MLB.com’s Kennedi Landry and the 2024 Chicago Cubs (56:31) with The Athletic’s Sahadev Sharma.





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Audio intro: Tom Rhoads, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio interstitial 1: Gabriel-Ernest, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio interstitial 2: El Warren, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio outro: Guy Russo, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to Ben’s podcast on trailers
Link to baseball exceptionalism wiki
Link to Cooper on roster rules
Link to Pawol article 1
Link to Pawol article 2
Link to Rangers offseason tracker
Link to Rangers depth chart
Link to Kennedi’s MLB.com archive
Link to Cubs offseason tracker
Link to Cubs depth chart
Link to Sahadev on Kanzler
Link to Sahadev’s The Athletic archive
Link to Pham tweet

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