Persona 3 Reload Kendo Club

Persona 3 Reload Kendo Club


Are you interested in finding the Persona 3 Reload Kendo Club? Here is everything you should know about this place.

People who’ve been playing Persona 3’s previous version probably remember that the game allowed them to access different clubs. There were things, such as the swim club, as well as options like the kendo club. Unfortunately, things are no longer the same because Persona 3 Reload changes the number of clubs and how to become a part of them.

Persona 3 Reload Kendo Club – Can you become a part of it?

As much as we want to say that the Persona 3 Reload Kendo Club is available, the answer is no. Sadly, this club is simply not available in the current version. Instead of having different clubs to choose from, people who start playing will only have access to the track team or art club.

This will definitely disappoint a lot of people because the Kendo club was very popular before. The good news is that joining a club in Persona 3 Reload is not completely useless because you can interact with others.

Alternatives to the Persona 3 Reload Kendo Club

The first club that you will come across once you start playing is the fashion and track club. After that, you will also find the art club. The latter and the track clubs in Persona 3 Relaod will accept everyone because there are no specific requirements you must adhere to. However, if you decide to join the fashion club, you will need several things:

You will need to discover the club in the game
Have a Hierophant rank three
At least academics level two

Now that you know more about these options and the fact that there is no Persona 3 reload Kendo Club, you can decide which one to join. Our experience shows us that the currently available clubs are cool, and they will offer you a similar experience to Kendo. However, since the latter isn’t available, players won’t be able to show off their amazing swords.

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