Leonard Ellerbe discusses plans for Gervonta Davis’ return

Leonard Ellerbe discusses plans for Gervonta Davis’ return


During a video interview with Fight Hype, Leonard Ellerbe of Mayweather Promotions talks about when we can expect the return of Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, and why a big fight between Haney and him (or some of the other top guys) still haven’t been made. Check out some of what he had to say on those subjects below.

Ellerbe on what’s going on with Gervonta Davis at the moment, and the expectation that he might be the one to launch PBC’s new Amazon Prime deal

“Tank is going to decide who he’s fighting and when he decides that he’ll make an announcement. Tank’s the boss, and he’ll be fighting soon.”

On how Frank Martin would fare if he fought Gervonta Davis

“Frank Martin can’t beat ‘Tank’ Davis. None of them guys can beat ‘Tank’ Davis. So I wouldn’t use that word ‘live dog.’ Frank’s a good ass fighter, but he can’t beat Tank though.”

On Haney saying he would take the same deal offered to Ryan Garcia to fight Tank

“The deal that we gave Ryan?! Stop it. First off, they’re in two different weight classes…at the end of the day, if Tank had to Tank can make ‘30. He’s comfortable at ‘35. Nobody’s going to tell Tank what weight class he’s going to, what he’s doing — fuck all that. That’s never going to happen. Tank’s going to fight where he’s comfortable at and do what he wants to do.

“Haney’s a good fighter, he’s doing his thing, let him do whatever he’s doing. At one point they were in the same weight class. Some people would have you believe that — I’ll just be real short with this. Arum had a plan together with a lightweight tournament, where he would control all the belts. He had a partnership with Haney…but at the end of the day Arum controlled the whole thing. Nobody’s going to tell Bob Arum how to run his company, what fights are going to be made.

“They had a plan, and the plan all along was Shakur, Haney, Lomachenko, Kambosos — all these guys to fight in a lightweight tournament and the winner would come out and it’s all in-house. All the nonsense talk about we could’ve made this fight and that fight — it’s all bullshit because every one of those guys would’ve been the B-side or a C-side, or whatever you want to call it, to Gervonta Davis.

“And there’s no way in holy hell that Arum who is the CEO and founder of his company would make a bad decision and put his guys in a situation where he’s not 100% sure they can win the fight and it’s for no money. And when I say ‘no money,’ no money for that side.

“The business is going to dictate what deals look like. So fuck all the talk about ‘we could’ve made a deal,’ no, you couldn’t have made no deal because there was never an opportunity to make no deal…big fights are made when they make sense.”


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