Former U.S. military member claims he was abducted by aliens and reveals the message they gave him

Former U.S. military member claims he was abducted by aliens and reveals the message they gave him


An ex-U.S. Army man has claimed he was abducted by aliens, in his sleep, for three months worth 18 minutes in Earth time whilst they left him with a grave message for the rest of humanity to heed between warring alien civilizations.

Alex Collier was the latest to be taken away from his home planet by extraterrestrial friends as he met two tall creatures named Vissaeus and Moronany after falling asleep in his grandfather’s field.

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According to his account, the aliens told him that the universe is over 21 billion years old and that it contains a minimum total of 135 billion people, with around eight billion living on Earth.

He further adds that humans are due to find ancient alien ruins imminently, although there is no solid evidence to suggest that they actually exist and that we have met them.

How did he talk with them?

In the bizarre exchange, he had his own destiny revealed to him as the aliens told him that he was alive 62000 years ago and died trying to prevent a conflict between two visiting races, claiming that reincarnation really does exist.

During the encounter, which he said was taken away from our planet for three months but that only transpired to 18 minutes in Earth-time due to time dilation or alternate dimensions according to the communication belt.

“I was given a belt that I had to wear that held my atoms, molecules and cells together,” Collier said exclusively to Science Alert. “And formed a cocoon around me.

“It helped me to exist in its dimension. I could touch them and they could touch me.”

How likely are we to meet aliens?

Radio signals and telescope investigations have yielded little substantial evidence that life exists outside of the Earth, suggesting we are alone in the huge void of space despite the odds of that being realty remote.

This question is often called the Fermi Paradox and is a common discussion point on the question of whether alien life exists.

But even if it does, based on the technology that we currently possess, and our knowledge of the laws of the universe, we’re highly unlikely to meet other alien civilisations.

Voyager I departed Earth in 1977 and is currently travelling at a a speed of around 540 million kilometers per year but it only left the solar system in 2012.

It sounds fast but by contrast, light travels at 300000km per second and even if we could travel at that rate, it would still take us 26000 light years to reach the center of the Milky Way, and that’s just our own galaxy.


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