What Pros Wear: What Gloves Do MLB Players Wear? Here’s the Baseball Glove Brands and Webs Worn by MLB Starters in 2023

What Pros Wear: What Gloves Do MLB Players Wear? Here's the Baseball Glove Brands and Webs Worn by MLB Starters in 2023


Every year, back to 2013, we track the top glove brands worn by MLB starters. As far as starting MLB players are concerned (excluding pitchers), Rawlings continues to hold a firm vice grip amongst glove brands, appearing on 53% of starting Major Leaguers. Meanwhile, the other major player, Wilson, gained three percent in 2023 compared to 2022 while Rawlings dropped 2 points. Still, there’s a healthy margin between the two, and an even bigger gap exists between the top two and the rest of the pack. 44Pro leapt over Mizuno for third place, with seven Big Leaguers donning the California-based brand.

Before we get into the data breakdowns, what do you wear?

2023 MLB Starters Glove Usage, Powered by Franklin Sports

(Disclaimer: Franklin Sports was not involved in our data collection.)

In these reports, WPW tracks MLB starters excluding pitchers, based on Baseball-Reference.com’s team pages with a few additions.  Here are the results, starting with the leader, Rawlings Sports.

Rawlings Gloves | Worn by 53% of MLB Starters (-2% since 2022)

Rawlings remains the #1 glove brand among position players. They command over half of starters in MLB, and they have since at least 2013 when our data collection began.

Rawlings has a long list of stars that wear its gloves, including latest platinum glover Fernando Tatis Jr., 2023 NL MVP Ronald Acuña Jr., and 2022 World Champion Kyle Tucker.

Wilson Gloves | Worn by 37% of MLB Starters (+3% since 2022)

Wilson jumped up three percentage points to claim one out of every three MLB starting position players, approximately the same as last year (34%). Fresh off the WBC where he represented Dominican Republic, Julio Rodriguez stuck with his trusty A2000 all season long.

Here are some more MLB stars who wear Wilson gloves:

44 Pro Gloves | Worn by 3% of MLB Starters (+1% since 2022)

Leapfrogging Mizuno into the bronze spot for 2023 was 44 Pro gloves, seeing their usage bump up by a percentage point from the season prior. It has been most popular amongst outfielders, with Alex Verdugo having laid out for a number of gems throughout the year.

Other Glove Brands Worn by MLB Starters

Mizuno and SSK were tied for their presence amongst starters. Austin Riley continued to remain loyal to the RunBird, referencing how it was his first ever ball glove and reveres the brand for their quality.

Alex Bregman continued to add to his decorated career in his Marucci leather. Christopher Morel was another stud rocking the M label, this time in a pretty fun pre-game color way that he gave WPW exclusive, in-hand access to.

The catcher’s mitt game followed suit with the rest of the position players’ by being Rawlings-dominant, with the rest of the league’s backstops being pretty evenly split: three with Mizuno, two apiece for All-Star and Wilson, and Yasmani Grandal staying true to his Force3 brand.


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