Will Jason Kelce Be Seen Shirtless This Weekend?

Will Jason Kelce Be Seen Shirtless This Weekend?

There are a multitude of wagering options available for NFL Championship Sunday at BetOnline. There are of course the usual spreads and player proposition bets, and the list is extensive as we get deeper into the postseason run. But there are a few hidden gems when looking through the prop list, including one that doesn’t exactly have to do with football.

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Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen squared off in a heavyweight battle last Sunday, in what wound up being one of the most-viewed NFL playoff games in some time. And while the game lived up to the hype of being a must-see contest, one of the biggest stories following the game was Philadelphia Eagles’ center Jason Kelce enjoying the festivities, chugging beer and rooting for his little brother Travis.

With his own team having their NFL season ended a week earlier, Jason decided to travel to Buffalo to support the Travis and the Chiefs. He drank beers with Bills Mafia in the parking lot before the game, picked up little girls from the stands so they could get a better look at Taylor Swift, and let of bear-like screams when his brother scored touchdowns.

And he did it all without wearing a shirt.

Will Jason Kelce Been Seen Without A Shirt?

Perhaps the most endearing part of the entire scene was Kelce looking like an every-man, showing off the hair on his chest and stomach while enjoying some playoff football in the frigid cold. The clips not only made the rounds on the sports shows, but it became something of a national story on Monday due to the brothers’ increased popularity over the last couple of years.

Will Jason be in a luxury box in Baltimore this weekend? It is likely, given his passion from last week. But will he be shirtless?

You can bet on it. One of the lesser-known prop bets on the website is the following:

Will Jason Kelce Be Seen Shirtless At The Game?

The oddsmakers believe that it is a low possibility. Perhaps making it a routine would force the original scene to lose its luster, and maybe he’s been advised against showing off the goods by his representation (or by his wife).

But if Travis is scoring touchdowns against the Ravens like he did last Sunday, then you can expect the CBS cameras to be focused in on Jason and Taylor in the box seats. And Jason just might feel the pressure to remove that shirt once again.

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