Ex-Ferrari team member reveals why negotiations with Adrian Newey fell through

Ex-Ferrari team member reveals why negotiations with Adrian Newey fell through

Undoubtedly, just by looking at his resume, Adrian Newey can be unanimously considered one of the best engineers in the history of Formula 1, and today, an essential pillar of the Red Bull team, of which he has been an integral part since their F1 debut in 2006, playing a key role in the 13 world championships the team has won throughout its history (seven with Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel among the drivers, and six in the constructors’ category).

A technician of undeniable value who has impressed with his genius and creativity since his debut in the late ’80s with Leuton House, achieving numerous successes in his over three-decade career in the top tier of motorsport with historic teams like McLaren and Williams. Newey has decided in recent years to dedicate himself to other projects beyond F1 while remaining within the Red Bull group.

An objectively extraordinary and probably irreplaceable career that, if we may say, lacked the cherry on top: a move to Ferrari. A scenario that has come close several times (at least 3), but for various reasons, it has never materialized. This has denied F1 one of the most iconic pairings ever.

Adrian Newey’s potential move to Ferrari has been discussed by the Italian website formula1.it in an exclusive interview with Modesto Menabue, a former technician of the Scuderia, who can be considered an absolutely reliable source (having experienced this potential scenario from within). Menabue provides insight into the reasons that prevented the British engineer from joining Maranello.

The former Maranallo engine specialist unequivocally confirmed the existence of negotiations between Adrian Newey and the Scuderia. He highlighted that the impossibility for the English technician to bring his loyal technicians to lead various departments was the reason why the genius car designer never arrived in Italy. These technicians, in some way, would have helped him integrate into the team and avoid the internal challenges of the Ferrari Racing Division.

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“Adrian Newey was close to Ferrari, I am sure. Nothing happened because he wanted to bring his technicians with him, not for economic reasons. He would never have come alone, facing the ‘mafia’ that hinders you. He wanted to protect himself with his loyal colleagues in key roles, producing reports.” – the former Ferrari team member pointed out in his recent interview for formula1.it.

It is a challenging environment at Scuderia Ferrari, where Adrian’s transition to the Italian side became impossible. In contrast, Modesto Menabue persevered for over 40 years. It’s a long period during which passion plays a crucial role.

“Passion is fundamental to work at Ferrari and in F1. I have been in racing for 30 years, 520 GPs. You must enjoy it; you have new challenges every year. Of course, in Ferrari, it’s not easy; if you make a mistake, you are crucified.” – he concluded.

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Jan 21, 2024Scuderia Fans

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