How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld


As you level up in Palworld, you will collect Technology Points. These allow you to unlock different technologies that can be crafted to either help you, your Pals, or keep your base running. But what about the mysterious Ancient Technology Points in Palworld?

These work the same, but are much more rare than your basic Tech Points. They give you the schematics for incredible items that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll have to raid some dungeons and take down bosses to gather them up, however.

How to obtain Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

The Technology tab in Palworld shows the different Technology and Ancient Technology items that can be unlocked.
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The only way you are getting Ancient Technology Points is by defeating bosses. And the not so great part about it is that it only comes after their first defeat. If you run through a dungeon or take on a world boss a second time, you won’t get any points.

A player hovers over a dungeon boss that has been defeated on the Palworld map.
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So, here’s the simple step-by-step on how to do it:

Travel to a tower, dungeon teleporter, or cave entrance for the first time

Enter it with the Pals and equipment you want to use

Defeat or capture the boss to end the boss battle

Watch as you’re rewarded a certain number of Ancient Technology Points upon completion

These can come from tower bosses, which also grant you achievements, world bosses that are much larger than their normal counterparts, or through dungeon raids which have teleporters and cave dwellings as ways of entry.

Tips for taking on bosses in Palworld

A player receives 1 Ancient Technology Point after defeating a dungeon boss in Palworld.
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The boss fights are obviously tougher than the average Lamball you’ll destroy on the outskirts of your base. These are trainers with their beloved partners or massive creatures known as the stuff of legends in the game’s universe.

Take heed of these tips before heading into battle:

Every boss is different, so try again and change your strategy if you lose the first time around

Use types to your advantage and bring in Pals that are more effective against the boss Pal

Ranged weapons allow you to stay back from the fight, but still deal damage while your Pals are up close to the boss

Grind a few more levels if you’re getting beaten easily, just to ensure you can keep up and stay in the battle

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