Is Falcons Esports a revamped Tundra Sports?


In a significant development in the arena, Falcons Esports has announced the inclusion of Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling as their Dota 2 coach. This move is not just a mere staffing change but a strategic amalgamation, as Aui_2000, a celebrated two-time International champion, reunites with his former Tundra Sports comrades, Oliver “skiter” Lepko and Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu.

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Aui_2000 reunites with skiter and Sneyking in Falcons Esports Dota 2 roster

This latest decision by Falcons Esports to bring Aui_2000 on board its already-stacked roster seems to be a calculated and insightful choice. Aui_2000’s prior interactions with current Falcons members, particularly his inclusion in his Steam Favorite Friends list along with the Falcons lineup, had already given hints to us to anticipate this reunion.

Aui_2000’s journey from Tundra Esports, which he left at the end of 2023 along with the rest of the lineup, to joining Falcons marks a significant transition. His credible accomplishments of securing The International title both as a player and as a mentor align him with the likes of Airat “Silent” Gaziev of Team Spirit, who also achieved this feat as a two-time champion, but as a sole coach.

Aui_2000’s coaching prowess

The expertise and respect that Aui_2000 commands in the Dota 2 pro scene are well-received and widely recognized. His achievements at The International level speak volumes of his capabilities. As such, the decision by his former allies from Tundra to bring him into Falcons came as no surprise regarding his ability to forge another dominant team in the upcoming ESL Pro Tour (EPT) circuit and perhaps TI13 too.

Aui_2000 has been open about his unique views on team dynamics and player skills. He once remarked on the high skill and intelligence of Tundra players but also pointed out their over-reliance on his advice as a coach. This blend of experience and keen analytical skills elevates Aui_2000 to among the best Dota 2 coaches.

Aui_2000 as a pro player

His contributions extend well beyond the realm of coaching. During his stint as a professional player with Evil Geniuses, Aui_2000 was infamous for his exceptional carrying as a hard support. His prowess with the hero Naga Siren, particularly at The International 2015 (TI5), was a masterclass in illusion management and map control.

Although his departure from EG after their TI5 victory was shrouded in controversy, Aui_2000 has continually demonstrated his top-tier Dota 2 skills, further proven by his subsequent International win as a coach.

The “Aui_2000 Effect” on Falcons Dota 2 roster

The introduction of Aui_2000 to Falcons assures a promising future for the Dota 2 MENA team. Falcons, fresh from their victory against PSG Quest in the regional MENA qualifier, are gearing up for their debut at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 with this new lineup.

In conclusion, the addition of Aui_2000 in Falcons is a pivotal moment, signaling not just a reunion of former teammates but an emerging powerhouse. His proven track record, coupled with his strategic thinking and focus on synergy, makes this a noteworthy team to watch out for.


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