FNCS 2024 Season Details Unveiled by Epic


Fortnite players have had a bit more than a month now to explore the Chapter 5 changes and improvements, but only smaller tournaments have run so far. That’s about to change. Epic has just unveiled the FNCS 2024 Season details. The tournament series is the height of esports for the game, with a staggering prize pool and events that run year-round.

Epic has just announced all the details for the FNS 2024 season. The Fortnite Champion Series is coming back for another year. It’s retaining the 2023 changes to its format, with the new Major format. The prize pool here is impressive and you’re going to see some of the best Fortnite players competing very soon. How will the FNCS 2024 work and have there been any changes from the last year to how the tournament works?

FNCS 2024

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FNCS 2024 Season Details Announced

The Fortnite competitive season is about to get started for Chapter 5. While we’ve had some early events like in-game cash cups, players have been waiting to see how the FNCS 2024 season will work. In the past two years, we’ve seen major changes take place for the Fortnite Champion Series. This season is sticking with a lot of what worked in the past. However, there are still some small changes being made.

The FNCS 2024 season is going to feature a prize pool of $7,675,000! That’s across all three Majors and the end-of-year LAN. This prize pool alone makes Fortnite esports one of the biggest in competitive gaming.

The tournament structure is going to be similar to last year. There are three majors running throughout the year. The first three Seasons of Chapter 5 will have these Majors running for each region. Players will get series points for their performance in these majors. The top-ranking players at the end of all three move over to the end of year LAN. We don’t have the full details for the end-of-year Global Championship yet, but it’ll likely be similar to last year’s BLAST ran Fortnite finale.

One of the major changes this season is the Last Chance Major. This won’t be returning for the FNCS 2024 Season. Players only have the three majors to secure their space at the end-of-year event.

Major Structure

The FNCS 2024 season is largely organized into the Majors. It starts with two open qualifiers, each taking place over a weekend. We then get a by-week where players get time to prepare. Then a semi-final one weekend, and a grand final the weekend after. This new format for Majors stretches out over more of the season. This is better for pacing compared to previous years, where competitive play was largely centered around a few short weeks.

The top Fortnite players will be competing in these finals to try and secure their spots at the Global Championship. The first Major will start on January 26, finishing up on February 25. The second is running over April and May. The third will happen in June to July.

These Fortnite tournaments are the highest level for the game’s competitive. The FNCS 2024 event is going to be a year-round tournament, and we could see some new players rise to the top of the game.


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