Australia v West Indies Adelaide Test day 3: start time, weather, live scores, match centre

Australia v West Indies Adelaide Test day 3: start time, weather, live scores, match centre

Travis Head says he welcomes any further short-ball barrages from opposition attacks after he tamed the West Indies bouncer tactics to set Australia on its way to retaining the Frank Worrell Trophy.

The Aussies are on the verge of securing a 1-0 series lead in little over two days at Adelaide Oval after South Australian Head put a poor run behind him with a crunching 119 in front of his adoring home fans.

The Windies followed the lead of England by repeatedly bowling short to the left-hander, but after a scratchy start Head ensured Australia surged to a 95-run first innings lead. The Windies had slumped to 6-73 in their second innings at stumps.

Asked if his supposed weakness against the short ball was a myth, Head said it was for others to judge, but that he would have no issues if teams continue to bump him.

“That’s up for opinion. It’s not for me (to say). If they want to bowl there they bowl there, and I feel like teams are going attack me in different ways,” Head said.

“Pakistan put a million gullys and a couple of deep third men in and they went about it that way. England went about it a certain way, West Indies today. l try and sum up as well as I can.”

Belying what has been a largely low-scoring Test, Head said even he wasn’t always sure which elements of his batting would fire relative to others.

“I felt like I played the short ball a lot better today than I did everything on the front foot and I felt like in England I had the front foot under control,” Head said.

“So it’s weird how your game is feeling. I feel really good at the moment picking length up, where in England I felt like I was off the mark with picking the length up which then suggests certain things. So you move in and out of tempos, the way you bat.

“I did feel like I was happy with the way I played it today, again, so keep just working on it. If they keep going, they keep going, if they go somewhere else, keep working on other things. So Pakistan sort of went wide which is what I have challenged in the past about whether or not I can withhold myself and be disciplined around that. A few times I was, a few times I wasn’t. It’s no different than on the stumps with a packed legside field, can I be disciplined to not hit one head high to mid-wicket? Can I be disciplined enough to do it in different moments? That’s the game isn’t it.”

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