Peak of Combat How to Get Better at Bloody Palace

Peak of Combat How to Get Better at Bloody Palace


The Bloody Palace is a core part of all Devil May Cry games and it makes a return to DMC Peak of Combat. We’ll be looking into how to get better at Bloody Palace

Devil May Cry (DMC) Peak of Combat is an exciting addition to the Devil May Cry franchise, as it marks its debut in the mobile gaming industry. With its launch, players can now experience the thrill and excitement of the iconic Devil May Cry gameplay and features on their mobile devices. One of the most popular and engaging modes in the game is the Bloody Palace, where players can challenge themselves by fighting through waves of enemies in a fierce battle.

DMC Peak of Combat is different from the mainline games in a few ways as well. One of the most significant changes from the traditional DMC formula is the removal of weapons switching. That feature is now replaced with character switching. It also brings forward a few new mechanics, which may prove to be challenging to both new and old DMC fans. This guide will show you how to get better at Bloody Palace using these new in-game features.

What is the Bloody Palace?

DMC: Peak of Combat How to Get Better at Bloody Palace
Credit: NebulaJoy

In order to exceed in the Bloody Palace, let us look into what the game mode is. The Bloody Palace is a game mode in the Devil May Cry series that puts players against waves of enemies. The Palace has multiple levels; each level is a floor in the game, and the Palace is beaten when the player reaches the final floor of the palace. There are bosses thrown in every few floors to give the player more of a challenge.

Each floor has to be cleared within a time limit given to each level. The timer is placed in the middle of the screen. Every time an enemy is killed, the player is awarded more time to complete the level. This forces the players to be on their toes constantly and dish out damage to enemies in order to beat them and gain time.

In Peak of Combat, players are rewarded immensely for beating challenging levels. Players are rewarded with rare Skill Manuals, character fragments, Gems, and Glory Points, which can be exchanged for various valuable items.

How to Get Better at The Bloody Palace

Now that you know what the Bloody Palace is, we will be looking into how you can excel in the game mode. We will be providing a few tips that can help you become a great demon hunter and claim the throne of the palace.

1. Build Combos

DMC: Peak of Combat How to Get Better at Bloody Palace
Credit: NebulaJoy

In order to be good at any DMC game, players must learn how to build combos. This applies to both the main game and the Bloody Palace. Combos are crucial to keep the pressure on enemies and constantly deal damage. They are essential to melt away enemies’ hit armor and rack up the most style points in a battle. Higher style points allow players to rack up more materials in-game and spawn more green orbs to heal the player.

Combos are also helpful against bosses to keep them in check and counter them efficiently. Combo locking bosses allow players to do the most damage in the smallest amount of time. In the bloody palace, time is everything.

2. Using High Damage Characters

Vergil is the most common pick for attempting the Bloody Palace in every game he is playable in. This is always because of how strong his entire arsenal is and his insane combo-building potential. Unlike most DMC games, Peak of Combat has multiple characters and their variations to choose from. Additionally, you have to use a team of three characters instead of the usual one. On top of that, characters no longer have their immense arsenal of weapons, and switching characters is the main way to keep combos going.

All that being said, choosing characters with long combos and a high damage output is the primary choice. Characters like Endless Judgement Vergil, Fists of Salvation Dante, and Frosty Grace Lady work great together. Adding to that, the constant mix-up of moves from each character keeps enemies busy.

4. Time is Key

With any timed challenge, keeping an eye on the clock is essential. People fail at the bloody palace primarily by running out of time. This must be avoided to succeed in the game. Players have to learn which enemies are the tankiest and make them the primary focus in a fight. Additionally, players must understand what type of character is best against an enemy type. For example, a fire type is strong against an ice type. Team compositions, therefore, must be well balanced with a form of synergy between the characters. There are characters like Frosty Grace Lady who can slow down enemies, which gives the player some breathing room.

5. Always be Killing

DMC: Peak of Combat How to Get Better at Bloody Palace
Credit: NebulaJoy

Every kill in the Bloody Palace provides the player with additional time to complete the level. If a floor is beaten with time still remaining, the time will be carried forward and added to the next level. This becomes extremely important when fighting bosses. Bosses do not spawn with additional enemies for players to add to the timer. Players must kill enough enemies in previous rounds to gain the most amount of time and add to the boss battle’s timer.


When players move into a flow state with their combos, they often forget to dodge incoming attacks. This becomes a massive problem as any damage will stop a combo, and the player will not only take damage but also lose essential time. Each character has unique evasive skills to help them stay out of the enemy’s reach and attack another. Mastering the dodge will allow players to dodge enemies perfectly, which gives players an opportunity to retaliate with a devastating counterattack.

7. Keep Coming Back for More

As beginners, players will mostly end up losing their first few attempts at the game mode. However, to get better at the game mode, players have to make a habit of coming back to progress in the palace more with each attempt. Not only will this make players more used to the combat system and their teams, but it will also give them rewards for taking on the Palace. Players will also feel great once they get past that one floor they just cannot seem to get past.

8. Call a Friend

DMC: Peak of Combat allows players to play specific game modes co-operatively. The Bloody Palace is one of the best modes to take on with a friend. Having a friend helps you clear floors faster and also allows an even larger team to take part in the battle.

It’s also always more fun to play a game when you get to show off your skills to your friends and make them jealous. The opposite is also true. Seeing a friend perform moves you still cannot do will be the perfect motivation for you to get better.


The Bloody Palace is a mode that offers a unique challenge to players. As opposed to the main missions, this mode requires players to complete timed combat challenges, which can significantly enhance their skills and provide an adrenaline rush. It’s a thrilling experience that most gamers can’t resist and provides a sense of accomplishment upon completion.


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