James Dolan Accused Of Sexual Assault In Lawsuit

James Dolan Accused Of Sexual Assault In Lawsuit


A woman has filed a federal lawsuit accusing James Dolan of pressuring her into unwanted sex and then coordinating an encounter with Harvey Weinstein, whom she accused of sexually assaulting her.

In her suit, filed in Federal District Court in Los Angeles, Ms. Croft says that in late 2013, when she was 27, she was hired to work as a massage therapist on a tour by the classic rock band Eagles.

Dolan, who owns the New York Knicks, was an opening act with his band JD & the Straight Shot on the tour with the Eagles.

Croft’s suit says, she was pressured into unwanted sex with Mr. Dolan, and then found herself alone in a Beverly Hills hotel room with Mr. Weinstein, who chased her down a hallway, held her down and penetrated her against her will.

In a statement, Ms. Croft said: “James Dolan manipulated me, brought me to California to abuse me and then set me up for a vicious attack by Weinstein.”

E. Danya Perry, a lawyer for Mr. Dolan, said in a statement: “There is absolutely no merit to any of the allegations against Mr. Dolan. Kellye Croft and James Dolan had a friendship.” She added: “Mr. Dolan always believed Ms. Croft to be a good person and is surprised she would agree to these claims. Bottom line, this is not a he said/she said matter and there is compelling evidence to back up our position. We look forward to proving that in court.”

Adam Silver was asked about the lawsuit during a press conference on Tuesday.

“I saw the article and don’t know anything else about it other than I read the article so we’ll stand by and wait to find out more information,” said Silver.


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