Rory McIlroy Champions Global Golf Schedule and Major Victory Ambitions in 2024


Rory McIlroy’s Vision for a Global Golf Schedule

In an interview ahead of the Dubai Invitational, Rory McIlroy emphasised his desire for Ireland’s inclusion in a potential new world schedule for golf, provided major tours and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund reach an agreement this year.

Ambitions for Ending Major Drought

The world number two aims to end his major drought dating back to August 2014 in his 18th season on tour. McIlroy seeks to combine his improved consistency in the majors with the goal of securing one of the four major titles in 2024.

Advocating for a More Global Schedule

McIlroy expressed the need for a broader global schedule for top players, acknowledging the current informal structure but advocating for a more formal and inclusive approach. He highlighted the importance of elevating tournaments worldwide, mentioning regions like the Middle East, Continental Europe, UK and Ireland, the Far East, Australia, South Africa, and others.

Importance of a Holistic Approach for Golf’s Future

In McIlroy’s view, a holistic global strategy is crucial for the growth of the game, emphasizing the need to consider the best structure for elite professional golf and fostering collaboration among various tours rather than distinct, isolated entities.

The Role of the United States in Golf

McIlroy recognizes the significance of the US market in golf due to its financial influence. He believes that if different markets collaborate more effectively, it can benefit the sport globally.

Proposed Structure for Players in a World Tour

McIlroy suggested a system where players would commit to a certain number of events annually to ensure consistency and reassure sponsors and media partners.

Hopes and Outlook for 2024

Expressing excitement for the upcoming season, McIlroy emphasized his consistent performance over recent years and highlighted the importance of winning one of the major tournaments, considering it the final missing element in his current phase post-Covid.

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